Essays and Papers


Some of these essays were originally prepared for different publications set in other contexts, so there is occasional repetition of content. Some are frivolous, others less so.


Anfloga, Wearn, (H)wælweg
Anglo-Saxon Verse: W.J.Sedgefield
Biblical Echoes
Bird, Ship, Sun, Sea
The Central Crux of The Seafarer
The Cambridge Old English Reader
Empress of Hel, Part 1
Empress of Hel, Part 2
Housman, Masefield, Burns, Drayton
Hugr, Hyge, Håg
Journey’s Jargon
The Meaning of Fer(h)ð
Old English Grammar: A.Campbell
R.I.Page and the DOE
Pound Note 1
Pound Note 2
Pound Note 3
The Prefix Un-
Psalm 46
Re unwearnum: A Digression 1
Re unwearnum: A Digression 2
Re unwearnum: A Digression 3
Seafarer Fidelity
G.V.Smithers One
G.V.Smithers Two
The Structure of The Seafarer 1
The Structure of The Seafarer 2
The Structure of The Seafarer 3
Swedish Sprachgefühl for Anglo-Saxon
Tower of Babel
Translation Two


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