WORLD TRADE 1736 An East Indiaman; National Maritime Museum peter monamy 39 x 32 Thro’ various Climes & to each distant Pole, In happyRead More


The Amber Route Who were the Hyperboreans of Herodotus? The British say the British, and the Scandinavians say the Scandinavians, but Stonehenge has to getRead More


unsigned 39 x 53 painted circa 1725 ? 1704 Gibraltar 1706 Barcelona     1706 Alicante 1708 Dunkirk 1718 Cape Passaro 1 BYNG’s BATTLES CapeRead More


TRANSLATION AND STYLE by Murat Nemet-Nejat [edited] Understanding translation is embedded in the concept of faithfulness. What is a faithful translation? The traditional answer isRead More


  Smeaton built his house to last, in stone. It was meticulously planned, all the way, and, remarkably, outlasted the rock it was founded on.Read More


Esaias Tegnér & Charles XII Charles XII: on the centenary of his death 1818 Kung Carl, den unga hjelte, han stod i rök och dam.Read More


TITLE PAGE Peter Monamy 1681-1749 INTRODUCTION Apart from a fleeting mention, possibly by Smollett, in the Critical Review of March 5th, 1758, almost nothing thatRead More


These pages on the Eddystone lighthouses revise and replace those previously posted during 2003. They are greatly indebted to the generous advice, recommendations and co-operativeRead More


When the Sword glitters ore the Judges head, And fear has Coward Churchmen silenced Then is the Poets time, ’tis then he drawes And singleRead More


Essays and Papers   Some of these essays were originally prepared for different publications set in other contexts, so there is occasional repetition of content.Read More

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