10 anime characters who do well under pressure

It is common for anime fans to debate which anime universe they would prefer to live in. While living in an anime might seem awesome at a glance, the average person is unlikely to be able to cope with the challenges that anime characters face on a daily basis.

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From saving lives to cannibalistic giants, cartoon characters are constantly under colossal pressure. Sometimes the pressure is so extreme that even the strongest anime characters will give in under the weight. However, there are a few who manage to stay strong no matter what is thrown at them.

ten Aizawa is someone his students can count on (My Hero Academia)

Aizawa using oddity

When Aizawa is first introduced to My hero university, it looks a bit strange. It’s easy to underestimate him because he spends most of the day napping. But at the end of the day, Aizawa is the person everyone turns to when things start to fall apart. During USJ, he immediately takes matters into his own hands, though fighting each villain on his own could have resulted in his death. With his calm and rational thinking, Aizawa has become a safety net for students who do not know what to do. This makes Aizawa the perfect homeroom teacher for a bunch of budding heroes.

9 Unohana takes care of all the Gotei 13 (bleach)

Retsu Unohana with a calm expression

As captain of the Gotei 13 Fourth Division, Unohana de Bleach has many responsibilities. She must supervise her entire team and manage the separate relief forces within that team. The Fourth Division is often looked down upon by other teams because they are not the best fighters.

The Fourth Division actually takes on a lot of responsibility – since it has to maintain the safety and health of all of Soul Society. That kind of pressure would be overwhelming. Luckily for those at Gotei 13, Unohana handles stress like it’s no big deal.

8 Yumeko is so cool under pressure it’s scary (Kakegurui)

yumeko jabami happy

Having a cool head is one of the most important things when it comes to playing, but Yumeko is on another level. She enjoys the pressure so much that her opponents terrify her completely. The threat of losing doesn’t disturb her at all, even when her life is on the line.

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During Yumeko’s match against Erimi Mushibami in Kakegurui, she laughs at the thought of having her finger cut. The idea fascinates her, even seeming disappointed when it does not happen. Yumeko maintains a very cool demeanor under pressure.

seven Daichi is an amazing leader (Haikyuu)


As the captain of the Karasuno High School volleyball team, it makes sense that Daichi would be cool under pressure. He is the most mature on his team and tends to motivate other players. Daichi often has to keep young players and rowdy players online. Even when injured and unable to participate, he is able to provide leadership and moral support to his team when they need it most.

6 Kakashi gave everything for his village (Naruto)

Kakashi from Naruto with Sharingan

As one of the strongest Shinobi in Leaf Village, Kakashi has a lot to do. When things start to go wrong, he is the first line of defense and often has to lead the other Shinobi. While The Fourth Shinobi War Arc, he leads an entire squadron, making him responsible for the lives and safety of those around him. Kakashi has done a lot for his village by Naruto, without much return. The responsibilities he assumes are great, but he manages them well.

5 Victor doesn’t even act like he’s under pressure (Yuri On Ice)

Athletes are under surprising pressure, especially those who compete in the professional arena. As a multi-award winning figure skater, Victor is familiar with this kind of pressure, but always manages to wow the crowd with every performance.

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Every season, Victor knows that figure skating is a big pressure. Even if he complains about the pressure Yuri on ice, it does not appear to be in phase. Victor hardly seems at all affected by the pressure.

4 Sailor Mercury has a double life (Sailor Moon)

sailor moon

As the smartest member of the Sailor Scouts, Ami has a lot of responsibilities. Especially since the leader of their team is an aerial head. In addition to the usual responsibilities, such as school, Ami often has all the fate of the world on his shoulders. Since Sailor Mercury constantly has to share her time, she is worse off than other anime characters. Most of the anime protagonists might be worried about saving the world, but Ami needs to save the world and graduate.

3 Erwin Smith stares death in the face without even flinching (Attack on Titan)

Erin Smith looks stern as he stands under a pastel sky

Erwin Smith is very calm under pressure, despite constantly leading people to their deaths. Not only must Erwin lead the Scout Regiment, he must be able to change plans in the blink of an eye.

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When the going gets tough, Boy Scouts turn to him for support, which puts him in a difficult position when nothing can be done. The attack of the Titans’s Erwin can look death in the face while still urging his soldiers to continue, which shows how well he handles pressure.

2 Goblin Slayer deals with the worst kind of monsters (Goblin Slayer)

Goblin Slayer looks menacing with glowing red eyes

The Goblin Slayer might not face some world-threatening disasters, but what he does is just as important. Despite their size, goblins are terrifying creatures who brutally kill and assault women on a regular basis. The Goblin Slayer faces danger and enters Goblin homes without hesitation. Other people tremble in fear at the mere thought of goblins, but The Goblin Slayer can take on hundreds of goblins without even breaking a sweat.

1 Gojo is insanely cool under pressure (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Satoru Gojo enters the battlefield (Anime)

Gojo is so calm under the pressure that it infuriates those around him. Jujutsu kaisen. With a laid back attitude when it comes to fighting curses, Gojo seems bored. With Gojo’s sheer strength, it might not come as a surprise.

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