10 anime heroes who betrayed their best friends

There have been many times in the anime where a hero has had to betray his best friends. Sometimes this is because their friends are drifting on the wrong side. Other times, they have to betray those they love to keep them safe. Whatever the reason, it’s a storyline that makes characters and fans question these heroes.

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With friendship and camaraderie being a predominant theme in the anime, a hero’s betrayal is monumental, whether it’s because these heroes walk a thin line to do the right thing or because they’ve strayed.

ten Zuko betrayed Mai to help Aang in Avatar: The Last Airbender

Zuko poses in preparation for his Agni Kai with Azula

For most of the series, all Zuko wanted was to end his banishment by capturing the Avatar, thereby returning him to his rightful place as Prince of the Fire Nation. However, when he finally got the chance, he realized he was on the wrong track. So he decided to go from the side of badness to the side of good and joined the heroes.

Unfortunately, in order to do this, he had to leave Mai behind and kidnap his uncle from Boiling Rock Prison. While Zuko didn’t start out as a hero, his betrayal made one, and by the end of the series he became an important heroic figure in the Avatar universe.

9 Sasuke Uchiha turned his back on Naruto until the end of the series

Sasuke of grimaces;  her curse mark is visible on her neck

Sasuke Uchiha started off as a hero, but he’s certainly delved into Deuteragonist and anti-hero territory throughout the series. After the Sound Ninja convinced him to join Orochimaru, Sasuke committed the ultimate betrayal, leaving behind the Hidden Leaf Village and his teammates.

Naruto Uzumaki and Sakura Haruno never gave up on him, even after he repeatedly tried to kill them and made sure to communicate that he no longer considered them friends. Eventually he came back to the good side, joined the village and helped his old comrades.

8 Kakashi had to break his promise to protect Rin in Naruto: Shippuden

Kakashi looks worried and thinks

Although Kakashi promised his then best friend, Obito Uchiha, that he would protect their mutual best friend, Rin, he couldn’t. The war forced Rin and Kakashi into an impossible position.

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Rin, being a Jinchuriki who housed a tailed beast that many shinobi considered a powerful weapon, was targeted, and Kakashi and Rin had to make a terrible and difficult decision as children to prevent the enemy from acquiring this power. Eventually, this decision led to Rin’s death, and Obito and Kakashi felt that Kakashi had betrayed their promise.

7 Okuyasu turned on his big brother and his best friend for going too far in the diamond is unbreakable

Okuyasu makes waves with a wacky facial expression

Keicho Nijimura had decided to do everything to find a Stand capable of killing his father, who had been transformed into a monster by DIO. However, this led to him crossing the line, and his younger brother, Okuyasu, eventually had to put his foot down. He helped Josuke and Koichi after they showed him a little kindness and opposed his brother. While he didn’t want to hurt his brother, he helped Josuke and Koichi, and Keicho was killed by Red Hot Chili Pepper. Thus, they were unable to be reconciled.

6 Ray was a triple agent in the promised never land

Waving ray

Ray cared about Emma and Norman, but there was a moment in the first season of the promised imaginary land when viewers weren’t so sure about his allegiances. He was acting as a double agent for Isabella, but later it is revealed that it was all a plot to help Emma and Norman escape.

He was a triple agent. However, that didn’t change the fact that he betrayed Emma and Norman for a long time – even though he had a plan to make it all worth it.

5 Pikachu constantly zaps ash in Pokémon

Pikachu zaps Ash

Pikachu is Ash Ketchum’s best friend and favorite Pokémon companion, and they’ve been traveling together since the early days of the series. However, their relationship hasn’t always been smooth. Pikachu is known to shock Ash on several occasions, even after solidifying their friendship during the show’s first seasons.

At this point, it’s a minor betrayal and seen more as a form of comedic relief, but it’s hard to imagine Ash seeing it that way every time. Of course, Pikachu can’t communicate with words, but the electrocution is a bit excessive.

4 Ty Lee and Mai betray Azula and join the avatar

Mai and Ty Lee with Azula

Like Zuko, Ty Lee and Mai ultimately decide to join the Avatar and quit their post in the Fire Nation. In doing so, the two friends had to betray their other friend, Zuko’s abusive sister, Azula.

For some time before their betrayal, tension between Ty Lee, Mai, and Azula had built up, and it all came to a head in Boiling Rock when Mai decided to protect Zuko. Much like Zuko, this betrayal also confirmed their hero status in the Avatar universe.

3 Spike Spiegel Betrayed Vicious and the Union in Cowboy Bebop

Spike Spiegel makes a gun and points

The relationship between Spike Spiegel, Vicious and Julia is complicated with a complex past. Spike and Vicious were part of the same organized crime entity, but Vicious got angry with Spike when he betrayed both Vicious and the criminal organization by running away with Julia.

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Julia had been Vicious’s girlfriend, so it’s easy to see why Vicious saw all of this as a serious betrayal. However, if Spike hadn’t been forced to leave, he wouldn’t have become the hero / anti-hero of the series.

2 Mitsuki leaves the village and Boruto must pursue him

Mitsuki Boruto

Mitsuki, being a somewhat artificial life form created by Orochimaru, always questioned his purpose and will. These questions lead him to leave the Hidden Leaf Village with other similar artificial beings from the Hidden Stone Village. However, when he did this, he was seen as a defection from the Hidden Leaf.

Boruto couldn’t accept it and he chased after Mitsuki, who attempted to hit him when he caught up with him. Eventually, they were able to bring Mitsuki back.

1 Sailor Uranus and Neptune have joined Galaxia

Sailor Uranus and Neptune

As part of an elaborate plan that would ultimately see Sailor Moon victorious, Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus joined Sailor Galaxia. However, it was all part of the plan. This, however, led to the deaths of Sailor Saturn and Sailor Pluto.

Unfortunately, this plan didn’t work out as well as the two Senshi thought, and they were easily pushed back. Their betrayal might have been a joke, but it wasn’t really worth it. Fans are still wondering whether or not this was a good time for Sailor Uranus and Neptune.

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