10 Best Magical Girl Costumes, Ranked

Magical girls, like any hero, need their own costumes. Their flamboyant costumes are one of the most recognizable aspects of the Magic Girl anime. While saving the world is important, that certainly doesn’t mean magical girls can’t look good doing it.

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While some magical girl outfits are far more popular than others, there are some hidden gems that are just as worth recognizing. Not all magical girl costumes are the same, after all. Some are inspired by Lolita fashion while others choose to do something different with their costumes. The magical girl genre is full of amazing and detailed costumes, but a few stand out as the best.

ten The Princess Tutu costume is simple and elegant (Princess Tutu)

Like a fairy tale come to life, princess tutu follows the story of sweet Ahiru who learns that she is much more magical than people think. Like many other magical girls, she uses an egg-shaped pendant to transform into Princess Tutu who heals people with dancing.

The Princess Tutu costume takes a lot of inspiration from ballerinas to create a simple yet elegant design. It also does a great job of alluding to Princess Tutu’s relationship with swans with her feathery, white appearance. It’s not too frilly or loud, and its simplicity is what fans love.

9 Nagisa and Honoka’s costumes let their personalities shine (Pretty Cure)

Pretty Cure follows two girls named Nagisa and Honoka who are opposites in every way. They may appear like an average schoolgirl to most viewers, but they actually live a double life and protect the light garden as emissaries of the Light.

The suits in Pretty Cure don’t stand out, but what makes them great is how the character’s personalities are shown through them. As opposites, Nagisa and Honoka are represented by the colors black and white, which can also be interpreted as balance.

8 Magical girls with a Holloween vibe (Smile PreCure!)

It’s not often that villains get their own magical girl outfits, but it’s even less often that villains’ outfits are better than heroes’. In Smile PreCure! Where Glittering Forcea girl named Miyuki is transformed into a magical girl named Cure Happy after discovering a mysterious library.

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Miyuki and the rest of the Glitter Force are tasked with protecting everyone’s happiness. During one memorable episode, their nemesis, Joker, creates an opposing team of magical girls called Glitter Shadows. As the name suggests, these girls have a darker vibe that is gothic in nature. The costumes are unlike any other magical girl costume, which is why they are so unique.

seven Karin’s costume is comfortable and elegant (Yuki Yuna is a hero)

In Yuki Yuna is a hero, Karin is a member of her college heroes club and has everything it takes to be a good heroine. When she and her fellow hero club members are called upon to save the world from the destructive force called Vertexes, they must work even harder to become great heroes.

Before their hero work begins, they have to put on their costumes, and Karin’s outfit stands out among the rest. The costume is inspired by a knight’s armor, but the bright red color and floral patterns help keep the costume interesting. It’s fluid without being too much and feels like something the character can comfortably fight in, which is a plus.

6 Meroko’s costume is perfect for cosplay (Full Moon Wo Sagashite)

Full Moon Wo Sagashite is an unusual magical girl anime that follows a girl named Mitsuki, who discovers that she has one year left to live. With the help of the spirits Meroko and Takuto, Mitsuki plans to fulfill her dream of becoming a singer.

Whereas Full Moon Wo Sagashite doesn’t use the common tropes of most magical girl anime, it certainly isn’t afraid to give the magical girls the cutest outfits – especially Meroko, who looks like a flashy magician’s assistant. Not only does her outfit come in multiple colors, she even has bunny ears.

5 Madoka wears the best costume in the series (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)

Madoka from Puella Magi Madoka Magica wears a more classic magical girl outfit, but even then it doesn’t look boring. It’s loud and rustling, which makes the darker themes all the more shocking. The series bills itself as a typical magical girl anime, but the girls quickly find out that it’s not so great to be a magical girl when it means risking their lives and souls.

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Besides the Madoka costume acting as a perfect satire for the magical girl genre, it’s just downright cute. It’s colorful and bright with a lolita vibe that takes the outfit to the next level. Of all the magical girls of Puella Magi Madoka MagicaMadoka is by far the best.

4 Sakura’s costume inspires others (Cardcaptor Sakura)

Sakura wears several different costumes in Sakura card sensor, but none of them compare to her classic outfit. Sakura is gifted with this outfit and her magical abilities when she finds a book of magic cards called the Clow Cards and accidentally releases them.

After Kero tasks Sakura with retrieving the clow cards, she becomes known as Cardcaptor. Sakura’s outfit in Sakura card sensor is so iconic that it has inspired other magical girl anime. Her lolita style captures all the best parts of the magical girl genre, and fans love cosplaying Sakura’s style.

3 The Sailor Scouts wear the most iconic costumes (Sailor Moon)

When it comes to magical girls, everyone knows the Sailor Scouts. Their outfits are the most iconic in anime history – so much so that even those who have never watched an anime series can recognize the characters from Sailor Moon.

The costumes worn by the Sailor Scouts are surprisingly simple, but that’s what makes them so memorable. Additionally, the colors do a great job of representing the characters and their personalities, making it easy for fans to find their favorite magical girl among Sailor Moon.

2 Nanoha has the most chivalrous outfit (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha)

Nanoha’s Magical Girl Lyric Nanoha save a ferret. Afterwards, she learns that the ferret is actually a mage who gives her a magic wand called Raising Heart. With her new magical powers, Nanoha is tasked with finding the 21 Jewel Seeds that have been scattered across the world.

While Nanoha’s wand is getting the most attention from fans, her costume certainly isn’t lacking. Unlike most magical girl outfits, Nanoha’s costume resembles something a knight would wear. The sleek look suits her well and acts as a perfect counterpoint to her flashy wand.

1 Super Sailor Moon adds variety to the series (Sailor Moon)

Those who don’t know Sailor Moon probably don’t realize that Usagi has more than one costume, which is a shame because Super Sailor Moon’s costume is by far the best outfit. It still has the same silhouette as the other outfits of Sailor Moonbut the combination of ombre and white stands out amazingly.

The Super Sailor Moon costume also avoids being too different from the original as it makes some changes without overdoing it. Sailor Moon doesn’t always appear in this costume, but it sure is nice when she does. This outfit really helps Usagi stand out.

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