10 Best Magical Girl Figures You Can Buy Right Now (With Prices)

The magical girl genre has been incredibly popular for several decades. Whether it’s hopeful series like Sailor Moon that emphasize friendship and romance or deconstructions like magic madoka and Magical Girl Site which take the genre’s well-known tropes and turn them on their head, there’s a ton of variety to be found in the genre. There are the bright and bubbly protagonists one would expect, but there are also much darker characters who haven’t been spared the harsh truths of reality.

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One of the best parts of the magical girl genre is her costumes, as magical girls are known for the beautiful flashy outfits they acquire when they transform. As a result, there is a huge market for magical girl figurines, many of which manage to capture the magical charm of the characters they represent.

10/10 Eternal Sailor Moon & Eternal Sailor Chibi Moon Fix-Posed Figure by Bandai Spirits (Sailor Moon)

$70 on Amazon

Sailor Moon The title character has been incredibly popular since the series’ initial release. That’s true decades later as nostalgia hits fans everywhere, and Usagi’s more caring motherly side is captured alongside her daughter in this beautiful Bandai Spirits figure.

Although Usagi and Chibi-Usa’s relationship starts out rocky, the two form an incredibly close bond, which is on full display here. Chibi-Usa looks at home on Usagi’s lap as they rest on an ornate pillar. The whole figure stands at around 5.5 inches.

9/10 Mew Ichigo 1/7 Scale Fixed Pose Action Figure by FuRyu (Tokyo Mew Mew New)

$230 at BigBadToyStore

Mew Ichigo is the bright and bubbly protagonist of the classic Tokyo Mew Mew, and she got some new merchandise thanks to the recent release of Tokyo Mew Mew New. Fans’ love for the series was rekindled, so it was brought back to life by FuRyu.

This particular Mew Ichigo figure is currently available for pre-order and is expected to ship in January 2023. It is a highly detailed PVC figure that stands just over 10 inches tall. Every piece of Ichigo’s signature outfit, down to the ribbon on his tail, is crafted with care.

8/10 Madoka & Homura Pop Up Parade Fix-Posed Figures by Good Smile Company (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)

$40 each (Madoka) (Homura) at BigBadToyStore

Madoka and Homura from Puella Magi Madoka Magica are inseparable, bound by something much stronger than fate after Homura wishes to reconnect with Madoka. Although these adorable Good Smile Company figures are not sold as a set, they are obviously meant to be paired.

Madoka and Homura are both 7 inches tall, and the pair will cost collectors $80 to purchase. They capture Madoka and Homura’s more shy side perfectly, and both girls are posed with their signature weapons.

7/10 Sakura Kinomoto Figma Action Figure by Max Factory (Cardcaptor Sakura)

$162 on Amazon

Sakura card sensorSakura Kinomoto is a cheerful and lively girl, whose personality immediately shows in her magical girl design. Everything about her puffy dress and outstretched wings is beautifully captured in this Max Factory figure. Unfortunately, the figurine can now only be purchased second-hand.

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This particular Sakura figure is an action figure, meaning her limbs are movable, and she also comes with a variety of extras. Sakura comes with various magical accessories, as well as an additional faceplate, which has Sakura with a serious expression instead.

6/10 Ryuko Matoi Nendoroid figure by Good Smile Company (Kill La Kill)

$79 on Amazon

Although it may not seem like one at first, kill her kill her is technically classified as a magical girl anime. He has the iconic transformations and magical girl outfits to prove it, with Ryuko’s Kamui Senketsu being one of the most iconic whether he’s in his transformed state or not.

Nendoroids are mini figures that emphasize cute and over-the-top chibi designs, making Ryuko downright adorable when contrasted with her upset expression. Not only does this particular Ryuko have multiple expressions, but she also has her trusty Scissor Blade, both in and out of her holster.

5/10 Nanoha Takamachi Actsta Figure by Good Smile Company (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha)

$74 on Amazon

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha’s The titular Nanoha Takamachi also has an action figure, animated by Good Smile Company to promote the first film in the series. Nanoha comes with three separate faceplates that can be swapped out at any time.

Nanoha stands 6.5 inches tall and comes with a magic seal and pink circular effect parts for her staff. Yuuno also sits at Nanoha’s feet in ferret form. It can be posed both to stand on all fours and on its hind legs.

4/10 Ai Ohto Fix-Posed Figure by TAITO (Wonder Egg Priority)

Price: $30 at ToysOneJapan

Ai Ohto from Wonder Egg Priority is a self-described closet who misses school because of bullying, so seeing her smile broadly in her casual attire is a welcome sight. TAITO captures the brighter, more positive side of Ai as she tries to move on from the trauma she faced and instead look to the future.

Her signature heterochromia is on full display, though one of Ai’s eyes is partially covered by her detailed bangs. Unlike heavy topics of mental health and personal trauma that Wonder Egg Priority is known for, this particular figure of Ai shows her lighter side.

3/10 Bright Moon & The Legendary Silver Crystal Fix-Posed Figure by Bandai Spirits (Sailor Moon Crystal)

$90 at BigBadToyStore

Sailor Moon Crystal, the reboot of the eternally loved classic Sailor Moon, brought a ton of new merchandise, including some great figurines of the cast’s updated looks. Usagi is captured in all her tenderness, holding the Legendary Silver Crystal close to her in this Bandai Spirits figure.

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Usagi sits not only on a beautiful and ornate pillar, but also on the moon itself as she holds the delicate silver crystal in her hands. It sits at 7.5 inches and is incredibly detailed for a figure that still manages to be under the triple-digit cost mark.

2/10 Rem:Magical Girl Version Fix-Posed Figure by Emontoys (Re:Zero)

$120 on Japan CD

A character doesn’t have to be a magical girl herself to get a figure that imagines her as one, as seen with this Rem Magical Girl figure from Re: Zero. Emontoys brings it to life in a striking way, with an eye-catching bright blue design.

Rem is holding what appears to be her own version of a transformation wand that most magical girls are known to carry. This particular Rem isn’t expected to ship until August 2023, but it’s currently available for pre-order and seems worth the wait.

1/10 Alina Gray 1/8 Scale Fix-Posed Figure By Wing (Magia Record)

$250 at BigBadToyStore

Alina Gray is an artistic genius who pours every ounce of her being into her work and has an unhealthy obsession with life and death. She is one of many complex and well-designed characters that make up Magic Discit is extended cast. His dark and captivating past attracts fans despite his misdeeds.

Wing brings Alina to life beautifully, standing just over 7 inches tall. It is incredibly detailed, but this detail comes at a price of 250USD. Alina’s pose and outfit details are based on her five-star card art from the Magic Disc mobile game.

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