Ariana Grande Shoots Crazy Halloween Creature Transformation


There might not be an “official” celebrity Halloween costume contest, but if there was one, Ariana Grande probably just won it. This year, the pop star completely transformed into “Miss Creature from the Black Lagoon” – and fans completely lost her.

Grande even went so far as to create an old-fashioned movie poster for her monster, calling it “Amazing!” Surprising! Shocking! ”The prosthetic makeup, the costume, the art direction – talk about flawless perfection. She made sure to credit the artists who helped her create the look and, of course, praised her husband Dalton Gomez, who appears in one of the photos as “Handsome Scuba Man”.

You can check out the photos of Grande’s pretty amazing costume below. Make sure you click on the arrow to the right of the first photo to cycle through them all.

Fans went wild with the look, with one making the bold but confident statement: “Mariah is the Christmas Queen while Ariana is the Halloween Queen.”

Surprisingly, there weren’t a ton of “Shape of Water” jokes (but that doesn’t mean there weren’t). Most just applauded the singer for handling Halloween with such enthusiasm.

Then again, some fans took the opportunity to highlight the pop star’s old costumes, noting that she is quite reliable when it comes to committing to the holidays. Or, as one of them put it, “Ariana Grande has always understood the halloween mission”.

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On Instagram, Grande and her husband got her mother’s stamp of approval. “THIS IS THE GREATEST Halloween costume, pairing and couple !!!!!! WOW !!!!! ”Joan Grande said in the comments section.

You can check out more fan reactions to Grande’s costume below.