Azzam, the still longest and most mysterious $ 600 million mega-yacht in the world


Azzam is not only the longest private motor yacht in the world. It is also the largest project ever undertaken by the world-renowned German shipyard Lurssen Yachts. It is a true feat of engineering due to its gigantic size and incredible capabilities on the water and an exercise in sheer luxury. In reality, not much is known about this last aspect, since the owner has been, from day one, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the United Arab Emirates, ruler of Abu Dhabi and Supreme Commander of the United Arab Emirates. . Forces. He’s not the type to open up his mega-yacht for tours.

Azzam is listed for rental, although a price was never mentioned. Urban legend has it that the list is for tax purposes only, as chartered vessels are not subject to property tax. It’s just another aspect of Azzam that will likely never be released to the public.

Azzam’s brief called for a superyacht capable of hosting large parties without any compromise on performance. It had to be tall and accommodating while being able to zoom in and out at light speed so that guests could travel easily and with maximum efficiency. The goal was never to deliver the world’s longest yacht, so Azzam’s original length, on paper, was 145 meters (476 feet).

Engineer Mubarak Saad al Ahbabi oversaw the project from start to delivery. The exterior design was carried out by Mario Pedol of Nauta Yachts on an architecture by Lurssen, while the interiors were signed by Creation Line Decoration. The Azzam is 180 meters (590 feet) long and has a steel hull and aluminum superstructure, with a generous interior volume of 13,136 GT spread over five decks.

Accommodation on board can accommodate up to 36 guests and up to 70 crew, and while no photos of the interior have ever been released, it is said to be dripping with luxury. The “heritage” was at the center of attention when choosing the furnishings, so it presents rare half-timbered frames veneered with mother-of-pearl marquetry. The owner’s suite would be bulletproof as safety was also of paramount importance. The ship is supposed to have an anti-missile system.

Pedol once spoke of the challenges of designing a vessel of this size to the owner’s very strict requirements, specifically referring to the open plan dining area. It is 29 meters by 18 meters (95 meters by 59 feet) and it had to be without a single supporting pillar in sight, allowing the eye to wander freely from end to end. It was also to be flanked by bay windows. Pedol’s solution was to put beams 1 meter wide (3.2 feet) in the ceiling and Italian glass over 7 cm (2.7 inches).

Despite Azzam’s size, she has a very shallow draft of only 4.5 meters (14.7 feet), allowing her to sail comfortably even in shallow water. According to the brief, it is very fast, Pedol having described it once as fast as a Navy frigate – surprisingly considering its length. Two gas turbine engines and two MTU diesel engines delivering a total of 97,000 hp bring Azzam to a top speed of well over 31 knots. They also consume 13 tonnes of fuel per hour at this speed. Azzam therefore has a long-range mode and a sprint mode to adjust fuel consumption as needed. In the first mode, it enjoys transatlantic autonomy.

Nothing has been left to chance in the construction of this capable and luxurious monster ship. Its construction took over 1.4 million man-hours, the entire project, including the year in engineering, totaling 6 million man-hours for over 4,000 people. According to Lurssen, these numbers should convince ordinary people to stop hating billionaires who buy super and mega-yachts because they put food on the table for workers in the shipping industry.

Speaking of how nothing was left to chance, for example, Pedol once told Boat International that a great deal of work had gone into making sure that engine room vibrations did not sink in. not felt on the ship. The mission has been completed, so that the chandelier in the main salon does not tinkle even when the ship is cruising at full speed. “It was difficult to know in advance how this would behave, but it was tested in every way possible with sophisticated software and set ambitious goals and it was not a problem.” Pedol explains.

Azzam’s price is estimated at $ 605 million, of which $ 60 million is for annual maintenance alone. It’s not the most expensive in the world, and it’s not the biggest either, but it holds the title of longest in the world. He will lose it once the REV Ocean is delivered.

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