Below Deck: Times Crew Jumped Ship

Crew members below deck can sometimes be stressed enough to throw in the towel and give up. Check out the Under Deck cast members who quit.

the Under the bridge crew members have proven that working on a superyacht can be exhausting, and sometimes they just can’t handle the stress and have decided to jump ship. Often, charter passengers can be choosy and expect premium service and food, as they are paying a lot of money to stay on a luxury ship. The crew has insight into a guest’s toughness through their preference sheets. Famous chef Rachel Hargrove is gone Under the bridge season 8 after seeing requests for an upcoming charter guest. Much to the relief of the crew, Rachel came back and dragged the guests out of the water with her skills.


In addition to dealing with so many hard-to-please guests, the Under the bridge the crew must also deal with drama within their teams. With so many big personalities sharing a small space, people are bound to argue from time to time. For example, deckhand Parker McCown of Sailboat under the bridge season 1 couldn’t get along with his team, as first friend Paget Berry thought Parker made too many mistakes and wasn’t a good listener. Deckhand Ciara Duggan also complained about Parker’s lack of skills and lack of professionalism. Parker had had enough Under the bridge life and quit his role as deckhand, noting it was the best decision for him at the time. Here are others Under the bridge crew members who voluntarily left the board.

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Jessica Albert

Under the bridge Season 9 chief stew Heather Chase was thrilled when third stew Jessica Albert volunteered for laundry duties. Alas, Heather was soon disappointed in Jessica’s sloppy work and lackluster attitude. Heather tried to motivate Jessica by putting her on duty, but she was like a fish out of water. Jessica’s attitude was also due to the fact that she had discovered that her grandmother, to whom she was very close, had health problems. Three hours before the new charter guests arrived, Jessica told Heather she was quitting. Heather was furious and told Jessica to leave within the hour. Much to Captain Lee Rosbach’s surprise, Jessica left without saying goodbye to him or anyone else. Under the bridge teammate.

CJ LeBeau

Fans may remember CJ LeBeau from Under the bridge season 1. Overall, he would rather have fun and party than be a serious second engineer. CJ broke the following rules and had to be reminded to keep his shirt on in front of guests. Captain Lee then completely lost patience with CJ when he refused to scrub the bottom of the boat, saying he didn’t want to get sick from bacteria and germs. The final straw for CJ on Under the bridge was when he convinced third stew Samantha Orme to go swimming and have a beer while on a charter. First Officer Aleks Taldykin gave them an ultimatum to take a charter pay cut and stay, or take all the money and leave. CJ chose to take the money and say goodbye to My Seanna – and Captain Lee’s rules.

Caroline Bedol

caroline bedol under the bridge alum cropped

Caroline Bedol from Under the bridge Season 6 had one of the franchise’s most dramatic outings. Fans seemed to think her chief stew, Kate Chastain, had it all going for her from the start. Kate seemed to favor second stew Josiah Carter and even chose to sleep with him. Kate said she tried to give Caroline a chance, but her inability to perform left Kate and Josiah frustrated. Caroline ended up getting fed up Under the bridge with their mean girl attitudes and gave Kate two days notice. That said, she felt increasingly bullied and as a result, she quit abruptly. Caroline later publicly stated that the Under the bridge the environment was so toxic that she had no choice but to abandon ship.

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