Bermuda sailors start the Orange Bowl regatta


Bermuda sailors recently started competing in the 2021 Orange Bowl Regatta off the Coral Reef Yacht Club in Florida.

The weather conditions made this day difficult for the organizers, so only one race in each class could be completed.

Sophia Dias, Sam Redburn, Noah Amaradasa, Dylan Menzies, Oliver Soares, Jack Adderley, Evan Davis and Nina Gotfredsen started competing in the optimistic fleet which was divided into three groups.

Soares leads Bermuda sailors in the T49th fleet after finishing 17th in the only race that day in the blue group. Amaradasa is currently T79th having finished 27th, also in the blue group. Menzies sailing in the yellow group is T103rd after finishing the first day in 35th, and crossing the line in 42nd in the purple group at Adderley T124th.

T127th is Gotfredsen after finishing 43rd in the yellow group, while Davis is T142nd after finishing the purple group in 48th. Dias is T151st after finishing 51st in the purple group, and Redburn is T175th after finishing 59th in the purple group.

Gryffyn Benevides, Fox Targett, Indira Coleman, Oliver West and Tadhg Gotfredsen all participate in the optimistic green fleet. Targett leads the Bermuda sailors after crossing the line in the day’s only race in 29th; Coleman is 40th, Gotfredsen 50th and Benevides 57th.

Bermuda was represented in the ILCA 4 Fleet by Isaac Wickramage, Ben Redburn, Ciarra Wells and Pharaoh Benevides, while Sergio de Frias participated in the ILCA 6 Fleet.

In the ILCA 4 fleet, Redburn crossed line 31 to lead sailors from Bermuda; Wickramage is 42nd, Wells crossed the 53rd line, Benevides finished 54th and De Frias finished the day 69th in the ILCA 6 fleet.

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