Best movies and TV shows on HBO Max this weekend (October 15-16, 2022)

black adam hits theaters next week, so what better time than this weekend to catch up on his greatest foes in the DC Universe? HBO Max has all the DC movie fans they need to squeeze the most action, comedy, or even heartache out of their systems. But this weekend isn’t all about DC excitement. Avenue 5 kicks off its second season, which has been long overdue since the COVID-19 pandemic delayed filming of season 2. Plus, there are more scary movies and TV shows to get you in the mood Halloween this month. Here’s what you should watch on HBO Max to make the most of your superhero/sci-fi/horror-filled weekend.

Avenue 5 Season 2 Continues Chaotic Space Mission

Avenue 5 is something of a hidden gem on HBO Max. It’s a sleeper hit that could find its way into Season 2, where the characters are still working their way out of the messy situation they find themselves in. Created by Armando Iannucci (Veep), the series is set on a star luxury cruise line that got started in Season 1 and forces the crew to figure out how to get guests back to Earth in time. Hugh Laurie and Josh Gad lead the series as Captain Ryan Clark and billionaire ship owner Herman Judd, respectively. Their dynamic, though set in a dark and terrifying environment where anything could go wrong at any moment, makes for an exciting partnership that only gets worse as things get worse.

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Avenue 5 is the perfect series for fans who miss For all mankind on Apple TV+, which finished airing its third season this year. But the HBO Max series has something the Apple TV+ series rarely had: comedy. The sci-fi series uses comedy against the backdrop of disastrous events to ease tension and even allows things on the show to happen that might not happen in real life – as cast member Zach Woods points out. and Lenora Crichlow. After all, this is a sci-fi show where humans are stuck in space on a cruise ship. There’s no expectation of what the show should be – unless there’s already a cruise ship in space.

The baby shines a light on the horror of parenthood

As Avenue 5, The baby has fierce competition on HBO Max. While others may turn to barry to fulfill their dark comedy desires, others may want to check out The baby. Everything titled The baby may seem slight at first glance, but with recent trends in movies where children are the real horror (see: the disturbing dancing child in M3GANthe latest trailer for), that’s anything but true. The baby finds 38-year-old Natasha suddenly caring for a baby who turns her life into a horror show. The baby turns out to be more than she bargained for – considering she didn’t even bargain for the baby at all — and she must figure out how to turn her life around while figuring out why the mean, violent baby wants her so badly.

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Annabelle: Creation delivers horror through a different lens

Leaving HBO Max next week is Annabelle: Creation, another horror movie to indulge in before Halloween arrives. The film is a 2014 prequel annabelle and is the fourth episode of Conspiracy franchise. Many critics have noted Annabelle: Creation as an improvement over its predecessor, with Annabelle’s origin story using old-school psychological scaring tactics to draw in audiences. His unsurprisingly terrifying nature hinges on the public’s fear of the dolls he’s obtained while watching. annabelle, and the decent amount of shock and silence in the dark only raises the stakes for this chilling origin story. The film is also important to watch for those who follow closely Conspiracy Universe, as the end connects to Conspiracy in a big way.

Shazam Captures Billy Batson’s Heart

black adam is one of the biggest movies of 2022, starring Dwayne Johnson in the lead role. The film is a spin-off of Shazam!, in which Johnson was originally supposed to play the anti-hero, but producers later decided to give him his own movie, which Johnson fought hard for. Still, it’s worth going back and revisiting Shazam! since the two characters are so similar – and yet so different in so many ways. Who knows? Perhaps there will be a confrontation between Shazam and Black Adam in the future.

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DC has a tough road to redemption with its own cinematic universe, but Shazam! proved that it is heading in the right direction. The film stars Asher Angel as Billy Batson, a teenager who is chosen by the wizard Shazam as his new champion and given the opportunity to transform into an adult superhero played by Zachary Levi. The film is particularly known for being the first comedy in the DC Extended Universe, competing with the likes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. guardians of the galaxy and Thor: Ragnarok. Both Levi and Angel excel at playing both sides of Batson while keeping his gentle soul and fun nature front and center in each of their performances – something that will hopefully happen if Shazam and Black Adam meet. one day.

Man of Steel sets the tone for the DCEU

Shazam isn’t the only superhero people want to counter Black Adam. Even Johnson is touting Henry Cavill’s Superman return, which people have been clamoring for ever since Justice League. Whether or not that’s happening anytime soon, it’s always nice to reminisce about the DCEU’s only solo Superman movie: Steel man. The movie started the DCEU in 2013, and while it continues to be a strong fan divide, it has set a trend for darker superhero movies that will carry over into the cinematic universe. Steel man follows Clark Kent through his life, from birth to adulthood, as he discovers his abilities and adopts the title of Superman. As part of his new role as protector of humanity, he must confront General Zod from his home planet to prevent humanity’s extinction.