B&G unveils the latest mobile application for sailors • Live Sail Die


B & G®, the world leader in navigation and sailing instruments, officially announced this week its B&G app, which includes a free version and a new premium version that syncs seamlessly with the full range of chartplotters. B&G. The B&G app is available on the Apple Store for iOS and Google Play for Android.

The B&G app is free to download and offers a rich experience that includes free up-to-date and detailed C-MAP® nautical charts, personal waypoints, routes and tracks, the latest marine weather, customization and much more.

“Perfect for planning your next cruise or plotting your race marks ahead of time from the comfort of your home, it’s simple to hop on board and sync directly to your B&G display. Once on board, the app can be used as an extension of your screen using the mirroring and control function, ”said Simon Conder, Global Brand Manager, B&G. The app can also be used to view past sailing trips or races, giving you useful data for the next time you want to plan a sailing.

Not only does the app allow you to easily sync your waypoints, routes and tracks and control your B&G chartplotters, the app also provides a full range of ideal weather conditions for mariners, both in the form of forecasts and live data along your route, for example. Additionally, the app offers an easy way to register your device and will provide the latest software updates, product news, manuals and advice specific to your registered devices.

The premium version of the B&G app includes global maps and offline maps, Automatic Identification System (AIS), B&G app traffic, 5 day weather along the route and an overlay 5 day weather forecast, data and GPS navigation line, history as well as wide range of C-MAP mapping features. Weather data of particular interest to mariners emphasizes wind speed and direction, wave size, sea condition, moon phases, tides and currents, giving you all the tools to plan and navigate your next cruise or race.

“Our free app provides a long list of useful navigation technologies and device features right on your smartphone or tablet, while the easy annual subscription upgrade gives you additional premium features such as mapping out line and improved GPS data, AIS and our new weather overlay for 5 days along your route, ”added Conder.

The app’s C-MAP charts are carefully designed to highlight what’s most important at all times in your boating experience, maintaining accuracy and a crisp, unobstructed view. The maps are powered by data from official hydrographic offices with continuously updated and augmented data from thousands of data sources, providing the clarity and detail your route needs, whether it’s a trip, a race, or a few hours of sailing with friends on the water.


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