Carnival Cruise Line will maintain self-service buffet and more updates

With the restart of Carnival Cruise Line operations in just a few days, more details are still being released on what the experience will look like on the first sailings. An important part of the cruise will consist of dining on board, and this includes the Lido buffet.

Carnival update

Carnival Cruise Line Ambassador John Heald has therefore made further changes for the resumption of his cruise line business this weekend. Details on the lido buffet, changes to the casino on two ships, plans for this weekend as the first Carnival ships restart operations, and much more.

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Lido buffet

One of the highlights of the update was the lido buffet, as Carnival won’t be making any major changes. The buffet will remain self-service for guests and will not be limited to the service of crew members.

Other cruise lines have already made changes, with crew members now serving guests behind a screen. This will not be the case with the Carnival because everything will remain the same before the suspension of operations. However, guests should always wash their hands before entering the buffet.

Bubble towers

Many guests apparently wondered about the availability of bubble circuits on the first crossings. Heald said the cruise line is still working on the tours, which will be released in the coming days. This also includes the beach club and the beach tours in Bimini in the Bahamas, a new stopover for Carnival Cruise Line.

Casino bar removed

After talking about the buffet, Heald spoke about the changes in the Casino on Horizon Carnival and Vista Carnival. The round bar in the hall has now been removed and replaced with more slot machines.

Bar service will remain but will be sourced from other nearby bars on board these two cruise ships. There will also be a smoking area in a specific area of ​​the casino, as well as the area on the open decks.

Port changes

There is an update on the Carnival Horizon July 10 cruise departing from PortMiami, with the Bonaire stopover being replaced by Curacao. Guests are apparently receiving letters about this change today.

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September Protocols

The cruise line has yet to decide on operating protocols in September. The hope is that the situation will improve when September arrives, hence the delay in releasing details for September.

Weekend package

On Thursday, Heald will travel to the cruise capital of the world, where Horizon Carnival will depart on July 4, 2021. There will be a full day of events as the Carnival Ambassador walks around the ship and meets the Captain on Saturday, one day before departure.

Later Saturday, Vista Carnival will depart from the Port of Galveston in Texas, becoming the first Carnival cruise ship to leave in over 15 months with passengers on board. Then on Sunday there will be a press event in the Miami Cruise Terminal with Carnival President Christine Duffy as Carnival Horizon becomes the second ship in the fleet to restart operations.

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It’s going to be a huge weekend for the cruise industry, and Cruise Hive will make sure you all are kept up to date. Heald will also reveal the number of guests on the first two cruises and has previously said that on Horizon Carnival, there are 753 cruisers for the first time when the ship departs on Sunday. It just shows that the demand is there and people are ready to go on a cruise after more than a year of limitations and blockages across the United States.

Vista Carnival in Galveston