Carnival details the process of safety drills for pandemic navigations – Cruise Industry News

As Carnival Cruise Line’s departure date out of the United States approaches, more details have emerged on how the cruise line will conduct safety drills.

Carnival Brand Ambassador and Senior Cruise Director John Heald said on June 25 Facebook video that the drills will be performed through each passenger walking to their muster station indicated in the new Carnival app or on their boarding pass.

“There will be no more safety briefings for large gatherings,” Heald said. “Those who are sailing in the next few months should download the app called the Hub App. It’s available (for iPhones and Android phones), and it’s free.

The app will contain information such as the name and location of the guest’s assembly station.

“Look at the app or your boarding pass within the first hour or an hour and a half after boarding. Follow the signs on the ship and make your way to your muster station – the app will show you how to get there. If you can, use the stairs – because, remember that in a real emergency the elevators would not work, ”Heald said. “This is where you need to go in a real emergency.”

“There will be crew members to guide you, and there will be team members at each muster station. Once at your staging post, find a member of the Carnival team and check in with them. You don’t have to do anything else – the team will take care of you once you get to your staging post, ”he added.

The second part of safety drills with Carnival is watching a safety video, Heald said.

“At some point before the ship departs, you need to go to your cabin and watch the safety video featuring the brilliant Shaquille O’Neal, our head of entertainment. He’ll give you 411 on all security procedures, ”Heald said.

Heald said the cruise line will know if a passenger on the ship has not completed their safety drill. This person would therefore be limited in what he can do on the ship.

“We’ll find out. There’s a protocol in place, which I’m not going to mention… but you have to trust me when I tell you we’ll know. The way that person will know is if they don’t. not check in at her muster station before the ship cruises, before the ship leaves, she won’t be able to do certain things. I don’t want to go into more detail than that because it’s negative, “Heald noted.

According to him, if performing safety drills in this manner proves to be effective and functional, Carnival will implement this method permanently.

“It’s a huge step forward. But I can only stress that it will work if every person cooperates, ”he said.