Clacton Pier: Man rescued after jumping into sea

18:21 11 April 2022

A ‘drunk man’ has been rescued from the sea after being ‘fallen’ off Clacton Pier over the weekend.

Tendring District Council Beach Patrol rescued the man from the sea at around 3pm yesterday, Sunday April 10.

He was found unharmed, but intoxicated and aggressive, and escorted ashore where he received a first aid assessment, and shortly thereafter arrested by police for drunkenness and disorder.

Beach safety teams are now reminding visitors to the resort to respect the water.

Alex Porter, member of Tendring District Council for Leisure and Tourism, said while Essex’s Sunshine Coast is a beautiful place to visit, the sea should be treated with respect.

“This gentleman was lucky to escape as he could have been injured by the fall, the cold waters or the currents under the jetty – all of these are hazards on any coastline, not just ours “Councillor Porter said.

“The TDC Beach Patrol team do a fantastic job throughout the season to make our coastline and popular beaches as safe as possible, together with our partners such as the Coastguard, RNLI and Clacton Volunteer Lifeguards.

“It’s nice to see our already popular beaches over the Easter holidays, but people need to respect the water and think about their own safety. We want to give advice, not have to rescue people.”