Cruise vacation warning: Guest issued warning over common buffet error | Cruise | Travel

Cruise ships almost always have a buffet restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. While some guests prefer to dine at a ship’s specialty restaurants, the buffet is always popular.

A new cruise line has asked experienced passengers to share their tips for a cruise vacation.

A guest has issued a warning about a common mistake made by many travelers at the ship’s buffet.

They said, “Don’t overdo it for breakfast. Lunch and dinner are what I really enjoyed, but most of the time I wasn’t hungry for lunch.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by an enormous buffet, but guests might regret filling up on breakfast if they aren’t hungry for lunch.

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However, if guests are going on an excursion and want to save money, it might be a good idea to refuel at breakfast.

A cruise breakfast buffet will often include cooked meals, pastries, yogurt, fruit and cold cuts.

Guests can choose to pay for breakfast at a specialty restaurant if they want a lighter option.

While the buffet is usually included in the price of the stay, guests will have to foot the bill at specialty restaurants.


Royal Caribbean has several specialty restaurants on each of its ships, including passenger favourite, Giovanni’s Italian Kitchen.

The restaurant serves pizza, pasta and main courses including osso bucco and chicken parmigiana.

Prices at specialty restaurants vary, with the most luxurious establishments charging passengers the most.

Some passengers opt for room service on a cruise, although this often comes at an additional cost.

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The guest said, “Speaking of tipping, break down larger bills if you plan to tip.

“I had to go to the service desk and even the second day it was a wait. Consider baggage handling etc.

Although not required, guests may tip their room stewards at the end of the vacation as a thank you.

Some guests also leave small thank you notes or gifts for the crew who made a difference during their vacation.