Cruises resume in Australia from next year


In less than a week, Australian holidaymakers will be able to fly overseas and go on a trip cruise, but ships are still prohibited in our waters.

The cruise resumed in other parts of the world months ago.

The Cruise Line International Association told 9News that more than three million people have sailed safely since then.

Australia is the only country remaining where cruising has not resumed. (Louise Kennerley)

Australia is the only major market remaining where cruising has not resumed.

“A lot of the cruise line community has booked overseas cruises, they just want to get back to sea,” said Honida Beram of the “Cruising With Honey” blog.

Since the Ruby Princess disaster in March 2020, cruise ships have been banned in Australia. This ban is due to expire on December 18.

International cruise ship travel to Australia resumed
Cruise ships have been banned from Australia since the Ruby Princess disaster. (Edwina Pickles / SMH)

As part of a restart plan, Australia could start domestic cruises before ships stop at international destinations.

The Federal Government states on its website: “As of March 27, 2020, no foreign-flagged cruise ship may enter Australian waters (with a few exceptions).

“The Australian government has extended the cruise ship ban until December 17, 2021, but that does not mean the ban will be lifted at that time.”

Joel Katz of the Cruise Line International Association said, “The federal government has the responsibility for the borders and the state government has the responsibility for health, so we need to be able to sit down with the state governments, with the teams of health to finalize the protocols that the industry has proposed. “

NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet has said the state government will do “everything it can” to resume cruising as quickly and safely as possible.

The cruise industry is very popular in Australia.

According to the Port Authority of NSW, 1,240 cruise ships visited 47 Australian ports in 2019.

Passengers, crews and cruise lines spent $ 2.5 billion, with Sydney being the main port, but regional areas benefiting as well.

cruise ships australia coronavirus travel bans
The cruise industry will have put in place health measures to restart safely. (Kate Geraghty / SMH)

Cruise passengers need confirmation of the pick-up date as soon as possible.

It takes between 90 and 120 days for their ships to be operational. Many are currently found in the northern hemisphere.

When cruises finally resume in our waters, a number of sanitary measures will be put in place.

All passengers and crew members must be doubly vaccinated and tested negative before boarding.

American Samoa

Places “untouched” by COVID-19 around the world

If anyone tests positive for the virus during the cruise, there will be rooms reserved for isolation and there will be medical facilities on the ships with staff who have received additional training to deal with COVID-19.

Cruise enthusiasts are hopeful that the industry will safely restart in Australia next year.

“I have total confidence that cruising will be a safe way to travel,” Ms. Beram said.