Disney cruise ship jobs you can apply for now – including chef and makeup artists

If the “unpredictable” weather in the UK has you thinking about what it would be like to work overseas, Disney might just have the answer. The company is currently recruiting for several new roles for four of its cruise ships.

Disney’s Cruise Line recruiting website makes a positive case for working on ships. He says: “Life on board a cruise ship can be exciting and rewarding – traveling the world, working with different nationalities, earning a good living and having your room on board provided for free.”

However, life on board is not all fun and games, as it is also said: “Life on board can also be demanding and challenging – working long hours, seven days a week, living in shared accommodation with other crew members and follow the ship’s rules and regulations”.

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Seven jobs you can get on Disney cruise ships right now

Many different roles are needed to run a cruise ship smoothly. From entertainment to hospitality and culinary staff to sales, contracts typically last around four to six months, with many employees subsequently being rehired. Some of the roles Disney is currently recruiting for include:

Other roles can also recruit within the ships, in particular in the gastronomy. However, Disney has certain stipulations for potential contestants. They ask all candidates:

  • Be at least 21 years old.
  • Speak English fluently.
  • Have worked for the two years prior to your application in the position for which they are applying.
  • For management positions, candidates must have worked for the four years prior to their application in the position for which they are applying.

If you want to work for Disney, full details are available on the International Services website.