Empty cruise ship, “parked” for several weeks, joined by two others in the bay of Malaga

Ships anchored in the bay / SALAS OF SALVADOR

The Seabourn Encore, Coral Princess and Marella Discovery 2 are anchored while they take on supplies and change crews, port officials say

Pilar Martinez

Three cruise ships are anchored in Malaga Bay, without passengers, as they make what is known as a ‘technical stopover’ before the start of their sailing seasons.

The Seabourn Encore, Coral Princess and Marella Discovery2 are at anchor while they stock up on supplies and change crews, according to port officials.

The Seabourn Encore cruise ship, which has been in Malaga Bay since December 27, is waiting to start its season and will set sail for Lisbon on February 19. For several weeks, it has aroused the interest of swimmers and walkers on the beaches of the coast because it has not moved from its position.

The ship is 210 meters long, 28 meters wide, with twelve decks. It can carry 604 passengers in its 302 suites, all with balconies. More than 360 crew members on board are ready to serve new guests soon who need to be vaccinated against Covid-19.

The Coral Princess, built in 2013, is 32.2 meters wide, 294 meters long and weighs 91,627 tons. The ship can carry 1,974 passengers and 895 crew. It has 16 decks, 1,000 cabins including 735 with balconies. The ship, custom-built to navigate the historic Panama Canal, was refurbished in January 2019 and is owned and operated by Princess Cruises.

Moored in the port is the Marella Discovery2, which has been in Malaga for several days and will remain there until April 5. The ship has 11 decks, 918 cabins and can carry almost two thousand passengers and a crew of around 750 people.