EYC Foundation awards $ 20,000 in marine and maritime scholarships

EYC Grand FoundationThe Eastport Yacht Club (EYC) Foundation is delighted to award a group of students passionate about water and boating, $ 20,000 in marine and maritime education scholarships. Each student receives $ 1,000 per semester as long as they maintain their grades and focus on the marine and marine industries. “This year there was a wide range of applicants,” says Tim Wilbricht, President of the EYC Foundation. “We are very happy to support these students throughout their journey. “

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Four new students have been selected for the 2021-2022 school year, including:

  • Riley Edwards – Riley graduated from Severna Park High School. She will soon be majoring in marine science / biology at the University of Tampa. Growing up in the Chesapeake Bay, she cultivated a love of water throughout her life. She is particularly excited about the marine biology courses which will focus on hands-on learning and research.
  • Teleri Wilt – Teleri graduated from the Excelsior Academy in Baltimore, Maryland. She developed maritime and leadership experience as she rose through the ranks of Sea Scouts. Being on the water is his passion. She stood out as a leader throughout her school career, most notably being the only player on an all-male baseball team. In the fall, she will begin studies in shipping at the Massachusetts Maritime Academy.
  • Ksanthipi Lapa – Ksanthipi is an independent student who grew up in Greece and Albania, and has had learning experiences all over the world. The fall semester will find her at SUNY Maritime College to earn a graduate degree in International Transportation Management. She discovered the maritime industry midway through her undergraduate degree and completed an internship with A1 Yacht Trade Consortium. In the future, she plans to gain global shipping experience first after graduation and then build on that experience in the yachting industry.
  • Will Arnone – Will is from Barrington, RI, and is a graduate of St. Andrew’s School. In the fall, he will head to Maine Maritime Academy to specialize in maritime transport operations. He aspires to work in the global shipping industry and to sail internationally as a specialist in navigation on a commercial vessel. Will plans to acquire both a US Coast Guard Able Seaman Unlimited license and a Third Mate Unlimited Tonnage license.

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Congratulations to the six returning fellows:

Max Applegate (Massachusetts Maritime for Transportation), Chris Grieves (Webb Institute for Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering), Chris Kaminskas (Coastal Carolina University for Marine Science), Kaila Kotkiewicz (SUNY Maritime for International Transportation & Trade), Kyle Murphy (Webb Institute for Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering), Ally Snead (University of Connecticut for Chemical Engineering).

If you know a student who is passionate about water and interested in pursuing a career in the maritime or maritime industry, please ask them to apply for the Marine and Maritime scholarship 2022-2023 on our website, www.EYCFoundation.org.

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