Fashion brand Sailor wins awards


TBS Report

31 October 2021, 13:10

Last modification: October 31, 2021, 1:15 p.m.

Famous fashion retail brand Sailor won two awards at the Retail Awards of Bangladesh as “Best Fashion Retailer” and “Best In-Store Design Brand”.

It also received an honorable mention in the “Best Campaign” category for its “Style on the Urban Landscape”.

On October 23, the Bangladesh Brand Forum hosted the event in which retail brands were recognized for their contribution to the garment industry by a jury of experts.

Sailor started her journey in 2015 and since then she has been operated by a skilled workforce, and they have earned the trust of customers by offering popular prices and unique after-sales service. His goodwill has spread among customers across the country.

The brand has worked hard to meet the demands of fashion-conscious people in the country, which is why the Bangladesh Brand Forum chose to honor Sailor.

Since its inception, Sailor has chosen interior decorations that properly use local resources and create a modern look. It is therefore right that it was awarded the “Best Brand In-store Design”.

Last winter Sailor rediscovered the beauty of Dhaka’s cityscape and showcased the modern lifestyle in a campaign that received tremendous support.