First impressions of the world’s newest cruise ship, the Discovery Princess

This week, Princess Cruises’ newest and sixth Royal Class cruise ship, Discovery Princess, makes her maiden voyage. This seven-night cruise from Los Angeles sails to the Mexican Riviera with stops in Cabo, Mazatlán and Puerto Vallarta.

I am currently sailing on this inaugural cruise on Discovery Princess with a media group exploring all that this new cruise ship has to offer. After several days on board, here are my first impressions of the ship.

The Royal Princess class ships are one of my favorites to sail. I have now sailed on five of the six ships and love the overall design and layout of the ships. The ship is just beautiful and I love the Piazza, it’s my favorite part of them.

Since this is the first cruise on the ship, there are usually hiccups that come with sailing on a very first cruise. I have sailed on several maiden voyages recently on different cruise lines and this is a common theme for all of them. I have found that it normally takes a few weeks to resolve all issues and get things working 100%.

That being said, the crew has been a highlight of the cruise so far. I cannot say enough good things about them and the service they have provided so far. From my steward to the restaurant servers to the awesome group at the international cafe, they did a phenomenal job on this cruise.

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Some things that were difficult on the edges of this cruise were the boarding process and the Ocean Medallion. I love the OceanMedallion replacing your key card and how you can even use it at the port. I’ll have more when I get back from this cruise and explain how I was able to use my OceanMedallion in the restaurants and shops in port.

However, mine didn’t work exactly as it should on the ship. On other Princess cruise ships, my door unlocked automatically when I came within five to eight feet of my cabin. On this cruise, I have to hold my OceanMedallion against the sensor for three full seconds for the door to unlock. I’ve talked to others and they don’t have this issue, so this might be my OceanMedallion. I will request a replacement later and see if that fixes this little problem.

The OceanMedallion app worked great except for the activity timeline. It remained pristine throughout the cruise. However, they still deliver a Princess Patter to the cabins for those of us who like the old school hard copy of daily activities. There are also interactive TVs all around the ship where you can see what is happening around the ship.

Other parts of the app worked pretty well, I was able to check my account on board and even test out the sports betting feature just to see how it worked. Sadly, the Celtics let me down the other night, but it was super easy on the app and they gave me $5 free to try it out.

You can also order drinks and food and have them delivered wherever you are on the ship. So far it’s been random. A drink arrived in 15 minutes while it took nearly 40 minutes for a can of coke to arrive. I plan to try it several times to see how effectively it works.

The food has been excellent so far. I dined at Sabatini’s, Crown Grill, GiGi’s, Slice, The Salty Dog Grill, International Cafe and World Fresh Marketplace (buffet). I look forward to eating at other restaurants over the next few days.

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Animations are good so far. They brought in a few comedians who did family shows at the theater. Both were excellent and really funny.

There seems to be a good amount of live music around the ship at night in different venues. There’s something for everyone and it’s a good mix.

I will have a full review after this cruise is over. You can follow my cruise on our social networks on Twitter, Instagram and TikTok (@CruiseFever for all).