How to unlock Party Boat Ship cosmetics


Sea of ​​Thieves players can unlock Party Boat cosmetics by completing a Buried Treasure commendation set as part of the Season 5 Update.

A major content addition to Sea of ​​Thieves Allows players to unlock Party Boat ship cosmetics by completing certain commendations. These accolades are complemented by the new Quest Board. The board allows players to complete the tasks associated with Buried Treasure Commendations. After completing each recommendation, players can purchase the associated Party Boat ship cosmetic from the ship builder.

The seven Party Boat cosmetic products that players can unlock are a cannon, flag, sails, haulage, wheel, figurehead, and capstan. Contrary to Sea of ​​Thieves Borders ship, there is no particular crossover associated with Party Boat cosmetics. Still, there are plenty of activities to do, and Party Boat cosmetics allow players to navigate the boat. Sea of ​​Thieves in a festive style.


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There are six commendations in Sea of ​​Thieves which will reward Party Boat Ship cosmetics. here are the Small but mighty, Friendship skies, Night show, Pirate Plunder seeker, Gunpowder, Betrayal and conspiracy, and the Master Cartographer. Players can complete these accolades and unlock their associated Party Boat cosmetic either with a full crew or by playing solo.

Sea of ​​Thieves: How to Complete Each Party Boat Recommendation

Sea of ​​Thieves players can now bury their treasure with a new update
  • Small but mighty (Party Boat Cannon): Players must shoot another ship 25 times using a cannon boat. These rowing boats can be found on random island beaches throughout Sea of ​​Thieves. This particular commendation can be completed by shooting player ships or skeleton ships.
  • Friendship skies (Party boat flag): Completed once players have unleashed fireworks in an alliance. They can find a friendly ship that will form an alliance and shoot fireworks with the cannon into the sky. Fireworks can be purchased from the Merchant Alliance or randomly found in Resource Barrels everywhere Sea of ​​Thieves.
  • Night show (Party Boat Sails & Party Boat Haul): Completed once players have triggered five or more fireworks at night. Once all of the cannons are loaded with fireworks, players need to shoot them all to complete the commendation quickly. This commendation can be completed solo or with a crew in Sea of ​​Thieves.
  • Pirate Plunder seeker (Party Boat Wheel): This commendation requires players to uncover 25 treasured treasures buried by other pirate crews. Pirates can follow a Treasure Stash or Hoard map to more easily find buried treasure. Cards can be obtained from any quest board, and this commendation can be completed by any crew member who digs up treasure in Sea of ​​Thieves.
  • Gunpowder treason and conspiracy (Party Boat Figurehead): Requires the use of fireworks once more. Players must light a fire on another crew’s ship by setting off fireworks. However, fireworks won’t always set a ship on fire, so they should make sure to take a lot of extra fireworks for new attempts. Shoot S-shaped Skeleton Shipsea thieves counts towards this commendation.
  • Master Cartographer: (Party Boat Capestan): Donate 25 Treasure Stash cards to any Quest Board. Only cards created by the crew can be given, as opposed to those that are stolen, offered or taken on the quest board. Solo Crews and Pirates can bury treasure around islands anywhere Sea of ​​Thieves. This commendation is also followed by any crew member who publishes the cards.

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Sea of ​​Thieves is now available on Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC.

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