It’s a terrible look for Chris Mack of the Louisville Cardinals

Another day, another dramatic story from Louisville.

According to a report by WDRB’s Marcus Green and Travis Ragsdale, old Louisville Cardinals Assistant basketball coach Dino Gaudio has claimed that head coach Chris Mack threatened to take away player scholarships after the team failed to make it to the NCAA tournament. The report comes from court documents released regarding the Gaudio extortion case.

“On March 14, coaches and players gathered to watch the NCAA tournament selection broadcast,” court documents said. “As the night wore on it became clearer and clearer that Louisville was going to fail right before being selected to play in the NCAA tournament. The mood took a turn for the worse, and Mack called a coaches meeting after the disappointing selection lounge. Mack immediately began to criticize the players.

The WDRB report says Gaudio retaliated by telling Mack that the school should “honor their commitments to the young men they recruited.”

Gaudio also said he warned Mack about alleged NCAA recruiting and COVID-19 health and safety protocol violations “at least twice” last summer.

In June, Gaudio pleaded guilty to trying to get 17 months’ salary in exchange for not revealing these reported NCAA violations.

According to the documents, Gaudio says Mack agreed to pay his severance package “either through the University of Louisville or personally” at a meeting on March 17, 2021, when Mack fired Gaudio due to ‘bad staff chemistry’. Mack secretly recorded the meeting, according to the documents.

Gaudio even got the support of Kentucky Wildcats head coach John Calipari in the documents, who wrote a letter in support of the assistant with whom he “developed a relationship.”

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