Jared Swafford, new man at the head of the Viking ship


TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) – There is a new voice at the head of the Vikings.

“After a week with him I just realized how energetic he was and he got the team going really fast,” said Casen Stallbaumer, Seaman senior wide receiver. “A fun guy to hang out with. A fun guy to really play for.

“Energetic, passionate, he really knows what he’s doing and he loves this game.” Braden Colley, tight end / linebacker Seaman, said. “It’s fun to go out and play for him.”

With roots here in northeastern Kansas.

“I love this neighborhood. I feel like we have difficult kids in the area and when I took on this job I saw that we had a lot of difficult kids here. Jared Swafford, new head football coach for the Seamans, said.

Jared Swafford is in his first year as Seaman’s new football coach.

“The buy-in from the kids has been huge,” Swafford said. “They bought from the start. There was no second guess. So we’ve changed a lot and these guys who help lead have really helped me from a head coach perspective.

He is no stranger to the region. For over a decade he was with Mike Paramore at Perry Lecompton.

“Paramore means a lot to me,” Swafford said. “He’s one of my best friends. He was delighted that I had this chance. Almost as excited as I am. The things he did for me, I will never forget. And I wouldn’t be here as a head coach without him and the chance he gave me.

Swafford brings a new culture to Seaman. The goal is to be successful on and off the pitch.

“We are student-athletes. The student comes first, ”Swafford said. “We have a lot of great guys in the classroom. They are awesome in the hallways and we have more and more guys coming in. I am very proud of this group and I think they have joined this and it will take some time, but we have amazing children, the student-athlete mindset will always be very important to me and our staff. . “

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