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Walter McFarland won the Junior Congressional Cup last Friday night. One of the newest and funniest traditions of the Congress Cup is the Junior Congress Cup. This is a fleet race organized in two-person CFJs (Flying Juniors) with the start and finish right next to the Long Dock in Alamitos Bay.

Ten junior sailors are paired (via a draw) with the 10 Congress Cup skippers – junior coxswain and pro crews. Junior sailors apply to be considered and are selected on the basis of their navigation skills and seniority.

The winner has his name engraved on a perpetual trophy and is presented with a “Crimson t-shirt” a take off on the Crimson Blazer which is presented to the winner of the Congress Cup.

I hadn’t spoken to Walter since March of last year, after a very successful Sabot regatta in Mission Bay. What I remember most from talking to the first generation sailor is his positive attitude and how it has served him well in sport and at school.

“It was so much fun; the course was very straightforward, three laps on a windward / downwind course directly in front of the club,” he responded quickly as I asked about the process.

“I was hoping to attract Jeffery Petersen as the skipper to act as my crew,” he paused and explained, “Because Petersen has been training me since March.”

Jeffery Petersen is the 19 year old sailor who grew up sailing at the Balboa Yacht Club since the age of 6. He made his way into a bunk at the Congress Cup taking second place in the Ficker Cup.

Walter Mc Farland is a ninth grade student at Mater Dei High School in Santa Ana and Petersen is a 2020 graduate of the same school. Aubrey Mayer, the junior director of sailing at the Bahia Corinthian Yacht Club, who also coaches the Mater Dei team, suggested the two work together.

“Instead, I drew Johnie Berntsson. He was very nice and it was his first time in an FJ, “he continued.” He was a good partner, he understood the course and could read the changes and puffs very well. “

Berntsson won the Congress Cup in 2009 and 2021 marks his 12th appearance. He started sailing an Optimist at the age of 9.

“We started the race, and we were pretty much in the middle of the fleet, but at the first mark we were able to get past it,” said Berntsson. “It was nice to see that the boat behind us had Taylor Canfield on board. “

Final results

1 Walter McFarland, Johnie Berntsson

2 Alex Lech, Taylor Canfield

3 Jack Snow, Sam Gilmour

4 Nicky Lech, Dustin Durant

5 Madison Mansour, Jeffrey Petersen

6 Sophia Corzine, Maxime Mesnil

7 Kai Bramble, Chris Poole

8 Hannah Crompton, Emil Kjaer

9 Jack McGhie, Ute Wagner (Monnin)

10 Olivia Corzine, David Wood

About 10 years ago, US Sailing conducted a survey of yacht clubs and found that more than half of the yacht club’s members are over the age of 50. I think the big takeaway was that the junior programs need to be stronger and encourage more young people. in the sail.

Based on the young skippers of this year’s Congress Cup and the large number of youngsters in the programs, it looks like the club management has reacted.

“Long Beach Yacht Club has demonstrated its commitment to youth sailing for years, with a significant portion of membership dues going to youth sailing programs to develop better sailors, stronger athletes and youth. exceptional in character, ”Commodore LBYC Jon Shull said in an email. “This week’s Junior Congress Cup regatta was a great example of the success of the youth program. “

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Editor’s Note: Jo Murray is a member and historian of the Long Beach Yacht Club.