Kansas universities reinstate mask mandates

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -Some schools say to bring back masks to school supply lists!

Washburn and KU staff and students will be required to wear masks indoors, starting August 9. KU has discussed their plans for the next fall semester here.

Washburn says he will review the mask policy week by week and has continued to update his safety protocols, you can read more here.

KU said the rule applies whether or not a person is vaccinated, and they also encouraged wearing them outside.

The state’s K-12 districts are making different decisions, Stormont Vail pediatrician Dr Randall Schumacher says he believes wearing masks is a step in the right direction to prevent future cases.

“The masks have proven to be a simple tool to help prevent schools from closing and having outbreaks at school, so definitely those that are not vaccinated but depending on where you are and the level transmission and vaccination and maybe even for everyone, ”said Schumacher.

He says the Delta variant hit a group harder–

“We know it mostly affects unvaccinated people and not everyone under the age of 12 is vaccinated, so we’ve seen the number of younger children increase and so we’re trying to find a safe way to keep them. kids in school because kids are in school is the best place for them and it will be different district by district, ”he said.

CDC guidelines recommend universal masking for all K-12 students and staff indoors.

Topeka’s $ 501 and Manhattan’s $ 383 reinstated their mask mandates – so far the Auburn-Washburn and Seaman Districts have not.

But that doesn’t mean they aren’t taking precautions.

“We have a plan in place that allows masks to be optional, but because things change in our world in our city and county, I’m confident we’ll need to be flexible like we were last year. and responsive to any of our school board will do, ”said Seaman High School Principle Laura Lyons.

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