LG Launches 5 Smart TVs Designed For Cruise Ships – Cruise Industry News


LG Business Solutions USA has announced the launch of a line of smart TVs specially designed for cruise cabins and crew cabins.

According to a press release, the models are available in class sizes of 43, 32, 28-24 and 22 inches. Voice-activated, Wi-Fi-connected televisions allow cruise lines “to offer a variety of services and entertainment options in all cabin sizes.”

These Pro: Centric smart TVs also offer specialty service menus, allowing vessel operators to create “personalized digital experiences,” LG Business Solutions USA said.

“As cruise lines begin to welcome their valued guests again, our Cruise TVs will enable them to provide a catered, worry-free digital environment where customers can easily navigate digital video programming and vessel information,” said Mike Kosla, vice president of hospitality at LG Business Solutions USA. “Our cruise television line will benefit both cruise lines and passengers with increased functionality, simplified operation and a vastly improved customer experience, just in time for a return to sea.”

According to the press release, the Pro: Centric software provides a number of important features for cruise ship environments, such as support for 39 languages, one-click service tools, webOS smart TV functionality. 4.5, remote system management, as well as templates and pages for custom on-screen interfaces to provide information and services to customers.

The TV line also enables cruise passengers to wirelessly stream music and video content from passengers’ mobile devices and laptops via Smart Share, Screen Share and Bluetooth Sound Sync technologies.

The five cruise ship TV models also include the Pro: Idiom digital rights management system designed to provide access to “high value content” while helping deter video piracy, LG Business Solutions USA said. While LG’s compliant coating on critical circuitry is designed to help protect TVs from extremely high or low temperatures, dust, humidity and salty air in a harsh marine environment.

For cruise ship applications requiring larger TVs, LG said it also offers a full line of hospitality smart TVs ranging from 49 inches to 75 inches diagonally. According to the press release, these models with TV functions built into the hotel can be used in luxury suites and other “bow-to-stern” hospitality applications.