Lifeguards on Royal Caribbean cruise ship rescue guest


Anyone who has been on a large cruise ship knows how busy the pool deck can be on a hot, sunny day in the Caribbean. For this reason, Royal Caribbean and other cruise lines have a team of highly skilled and trained lifeguards on duty every day.

The importance of this rescue team was proven during a Freedom of the seas Seven-night sailing on October 23 when lifeguards saved the life of a guest who had passed out in the pool.

Lifeguards on board Freedom of the seas

While cruising the Western Caribbean on the Royal Caribbean cruise ship, on October 23, 2021, everything seemed to be fine. While the guests were enjoying the ship and the pool deck, one of the ship’s lifeguards on duty noticed that something was wrong at all. Iketut Giartana, the lifeguard on duty, observed that a guest had passed out in the pool.

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Several lifeguards, nearby bar staff, a worried customer and a lifeguard manager helped lift the client out of the pool and begin life-saving measures using CPR (chest compressions) and a cardiac defibrillator.

Doctors were able to restart the heart and help the patient regain consciousness in a race against time. In a post shared on the Starguard Elite Facebook Page, the cruise line thanked and congratulated the team that rescued the guest:

“We are very proud of what our team of lifeguards have done and continue to do for our guests. Our promise to our customers is that we will do everything possible to keep them safe and protect their well-being. Our rescuers – and the medics they work with – keep this promise every minute on board. The guests who witnessed this incredible rescue thanked the team with thunderous applause. “

“Dear rescuers team: know that each crew of our fleet, brands and on the land side also congratulates you on your professionalism and your competence. THANK YOU!”

The Royal Road newsletter
The Royal Road newsletter

Safety first for Royal Caribbean

All lifeguards aboard Royal Caribbean ships undergo extensive training programs to ensure the safety of all guests. With hundreds if not thousands of children running around the various swimming pools of the fleet, as well as strange intoxicated guests and possible medical emergencies such as the one that occurred on board Freedom of the seas, it’s good to see the cruise line taking a safety-focused approach.

Lifeguards are trained by Starguard Elite, an aquatic risk prevention agency recognized internationally for its elite training, certification and counseling programs serving lifeguards, management, attraction attendants, and more.

Navigator of the Seas Open Deck
Photo Courtesy: Royal Caribbean

The incident on board Freedom of the seas also says a lot about the training of other crew members on board. Before working on board, most crew members are required to complete a training program called STCW, which stands for Standards of Training, Certification, and Watchkeeping.

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This global convention ensures that a lateral training standard is met in every country around the world and includes basic training in medical first aid, CPR, firefighting and onboard emergencies.

Cruise lines have come a long way from the days when security was secondary to financial gain. Nowadays, passengers can rest assured that every cruise line in the world places training, safety and security at the top of the list, as evidenced by the fantastic crew of Freedom of the seas.

The ship is currently operating from the port of Galveston in Texas after returning to service on October 3, 2021. The ship is on seven-night cruises in the Western Caribbean.

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