Local schools performed with the UW Western Thunder Marching Band on Saturday September 18th | Lifestyle and youth


Her favorite part was “… seeing my band just – their eyes light up when they realize that all of this sound was coming from them too, and that they were part of something so big.”

To prepare for the day, groups that applied for the experience were given music and a board of the school group’s placement on the soccer field a few weeks in advance, the group manager said. Bridgeport, Douglas Babic, “and you prepare them the best you can for the day.

Babic, who has attended the event six times, added that the day was more than just a group trip for his students.

“First of all it’s another chance to play your instrument, but this time with over 1,000 other people in a stadium that surpasses anything we play in, in front of tens of thousands of grateful people,” did he declare. “Second, you can hear a college band playing and the opportunity to learn from them is endless. Finally, you can go to a college campus to see what it really looks like. I have had so many students who decide their future just by taking them to various group events on different campuses. “

Mitchell group director Austin Sailors echoed Babic’s sentiment, saying the day was a great way for students to get a glimpse of top-level musicians, as well as develop their appreciation of the art.

“It’s a fun opportunity to take a trip to a place most students have never been to before. It also exposes them to a college environment and shows them what might happen to them if they choose to go to college or participate in groups after high school, ”he said. “I also see him as a great example of the collaborative nature of music. It is not a competition; it is only students from the region playing music together.