MAN Energy and Anglo-Eastern agree on EEXI compliance measures

(Left to right, MAN Energy Solutions, unless otherwise noted): Sarath Prasannan, Managing Director, Hong Kong and Head of MAN PrimeServ, Marine & Power (APAC); (on screen) Carsten Ostenfeldt, Chief Operating Officer, Anglo-Eastern Univan Group; Mohit Purswani, Key Acco

Posted on June 12, 2022 at 8:35 p.m. by

The Maritime Executive

[By: MAN Energy Solutions]

MAN Energy Solutions has signed a Letter of Engagement (LOC) with Vessel Manager, Anglo-Eastern at its Hong Kong Head Office to provide its Overridable Power Limitation (OPL) solution, including service installation, for meet the imminent regulations IMO MARPOL IV EEXI.

In preparation for the upcoming EEXI regulations, MAN Energy Solutions has developed retrofit solutions to satisfy vessels requiring an OPL program, both for MC and ME engines.

At the start of the process, Anglo-Eastern requested suggestions for appropriate solutions for elements of its fleet requiring modernization. Anglo-Eastern has approximately 300 vessels requiring an OPL solution, covering mechanically and electronically controlled engines.

Carsten Ostenfeldt, Chief Operating Officer of Anglo-Eastern Univan Group, said: “It was important for us to have a solution for our customers and our vessels that was fast and competitive. We knew the pressure would build on the many ships around the world needing an OPL solution, so we wanted to be the first to ensure sufficient capacity for the modernization of our ships.

Sarath Prasannan, Managing Director of MAN Energy Solutions, Hong Kong and Head of MAN PrimeServ, Marine & Power (APAC), said: “The Anglo-Eastern Group is a global key account for MAN Energy Solutions and is well prepared in its approach. to meet IMO regulatory requirements due to come into force in 2023. We will work with Anglo-Eastern to ensure engines in its fleet have the latest class approval and access to EEXI compliant solutions inviolable.

Replaceable power limitation

The development of OPL is boosted by the introduction of IMO MEPC 335(76) regulations – which will come into force from January 2023 – which will require ships already in service to meet the EEXI (Energy Efficiency existing ship Index). MAN Energy Solutions developed OPL to meet the desire of the vast majority of shipowners for a simple and cost-effective solution that would comply with impending regulations. OPL reduces carbon emissions by limiting the maximum power – and therefore fuel consumption – produced by the main engines to less than that for which they were originally designed and certified.

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