Man falls overboard from Plymouth Hoe – heroes step in to try and save him

An unconscious man had to be rescued from the water by bystanders and two off-duty nurses, after falling overboard off Plymouth Hoe last night. The man was spotted on the wrong side of some railings on the Hoe as the 1st major summer festival was taking place nearby at around 8.30pm yesterday (Saturday 4th June).

Several eyewitnesses said they saw the man bend over and hang from the railing near the steps below the Terrace Café before falling into the water, unconscious. Students Charlie Carson and Jordan Delorm were among those who saw the man fall.

Jordan, a confident swimmer, managed to spin the man with great effort so that he was no longer face down. Passers-by then threw a lifeline, which Jordan was able to squeeze the man into to keep him afloat.

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“I had it around my neck and another lady stepped in to help,” Jordan said. “I was so full of adrenaline that I didn’t notice the cold, I knew what I had to do.”

Charlie described how Jordan jumped straight into the water when it became clear the man wasn’t moving. Charlie said: ‘We thought he was just doing something weird at first, he didn’t look distressed.

“Other girls were trying to call him, I ran to see if he was okay. I started pulling things out of my pocket and Jordan had already thrown himself in.

The other woman in the water, Sophie Brain, helped Jordan bring the man back to shore. Several others who were on dry land dragged him out to sea.

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Sophie explained: “I was at the terrace bar with some friends when I saw a guy in trouble in the water. I ran to see if there was anything I could do to help him, shouting for someone help him.

“I saw a group running with rings but they weren’t moving at the time. When I got to the water’s edge I jumped in to help because Jordan wasn’t getting the guy’s face out some water.

“I tried to get off the wall but the tide was too low so I jumped in, Doc Martins and all. I managed to get the guy’s arm through the ring, grabbed his chin and held it out of the water as best I could.

“He wasn’t breathing at the time. Seconds later, as we were being pulled up the steps, he let out a big sigh and I was relieved because I thought someone could save him.

“Some people on the side pulled us up the steps with me holding the guy in the ring with his chin out of the water. My back was scraped after hitting the wall.

“When we got to the steps, a group of people helped him out and these wonderful women brought him back to life.”

Witness Jamie Coakley, who was at the cafe when the incident began, was one of the people who helped bring the man down. Luckily, an off-duty nurse was passing by when it happened and stepped in to give the man CPR.

Amazingly, the nurse, with the help of another named Shelby Turner, managed to get the man to breathe again. Police, ambulance and coast guard crews arrived within minutes and the man was taken away by paramedics.

“I and all the witnesses are in shock,” Mr. Coakley added. “I just hope the guy is okay. By absolute luck of the gods, one of the ladies nearby was a trained nurse. It’s all pretty wild.

PlymouthLive will ask for updates on the man’s condition after he was rescued from the water.