Marvel’s XCOM Won’t Let You Romance Iron Man, You’ll Just Be “Very, Very, Very Close Friends”


When Marvel’s Midnight Suns was revealed today, one of the items featured was the Abbey, a base where you can find time to hang out with your favorite superheroes.

The mechanic looks more than a little like the one found in Persona. First, you choose a character you want to spend time with, whether it’s Wolverine or Captain Marvel; Then you need to choose the right activity like playing video games. This will increase Hunter’s player-created relationship with the hero in question.

But don’t get the idea that Hunter is falling in love with, say, Ghost Rider, Creative Director Jake Solomon told IGN in a new interview. You will simply be “very, very, very good friends” with an emphasis on the “very”.

In a separate interview, Solomon called it “math” and “decidedly not romantic”. However, it will be as “deep as friendships go.” Deep Cap and Bucky? We’ll just see to see.

“The idea is that by the time you maximize your friendship with these characters, you are as close to them as anyone else in the Marvel Universe. But yes, not romantic,” Solomon says. “[T]rust me, if I could romanticize Blade, I would. But yeah, it’s more about very well-defined characters. Instead, it’s a deep, deep friendship. “

Marvel’s Midnight Suns will be looking to adapt Marvel characters within Firaxis’ popular XCOM formula, which it relaunched in 2012. The Abbey will be a key part, with the heroes you invest to have the potential to unlock. special powers that can “change the battlefield” with a unique costume.

Midnight Suns will be a fast-paced tactics game that seeks to overturn the traditional XCOM formula. Instead of soldiers facing overwhelming obstacles, it will feature powerful superheroes, which will require major changes in the overall gameplay. We’ll see what that means for ourselves when Midnight Suns gameplay debuts exclusively on IGN on September 1.

Overall, Marvel has given Firaxis Games a relatively free hand in how it has shaped Midnight Suns’ portrayal of the Marvel Universe. While Marvel is “pretty involved” with the creation process, they haven’t commissioned any of the story elements, Solomon says. Marvel even lent itself to a customizable character despite the obvious difficulty of being able to create a unique hero who could stand next to Iron Man and look like an equal.

Ultimately, Midnight Suns will be looking to adapt the original early ’90s story, which spotlighted Marvel’s supernatural heroes.

“For us, it’s fun to take the established characters and train them into the dark side of Marvel,” Solomon said.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns is in development for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, and PC. It is expected to arrive in March 2022. For more news and information on Gamescom 2021, check out our Gamescom Pole 2021.