Mayday: A sailboat rescued by ‘Delta Sailor’, TTCG

Two people aboard a sailboat were rescued after it began to take on water near Bocas, north of Trinidad, and were rescued by ‘seaman MV Delta’ and the Trinidad and Tobago Coastguard -Tobago (TTCG), and escorted to safety.

In a statement, the TTCG said at approximately 5:40 p.m. on July 19, 2022, it received information from North Post Radio that a sailboat with two people on board was in distress approximately 32 miles north of Prime Boca, Trinidad.

The TTCG said North Post Radio broadcast a Mayday call which was answered by the motor vessel “Delta Sailor” which was in the vicinity of the Hibiscus platform.

The TTCG said Delta Sailor had gone to assist, and the TTCG also dispatched a patrol boat to the scene.

The TTCG said Delta Sailor tried to help but was unsuccessful as the sailboat was experiencing “rapid water ingress”:

“It was only her forward momentum that kept her from being filled and sinking. Nevertheless, Delta Sailor accompanied the distressed ship until she was able to hand over the escort to the TTCG patrol boat on the north coast of Trinidad.

“Meanwhile, Coast Guard Operations contacted representatives of the Yachting Services Association of Trinidad and Tobaog (YSATT) who were able to arrange for the sailboat to be moored upon entering the Chaguaramas Bay area. .”

The TTCG said when the sailboat approached land they were able to use a bilge pump to drain excess water from the vessel to ensure it remained afloat.

The TTCG said around 4:20 a.m. the vessel was safely handed over for mooring in Chaguaramas.

The TTCG thanked North Post Radio, the MV Delta Sailor and YSATT for providing the rescue of the ship and its inhabitants.

“Their efforts are a fine example of the collaboration necessary for the successful resolution of search and rescue cases and in this respect they are to be commended.”

The TTCG said it continued to fulfill its mandate to protect the country’s borders.