MOL joins study on application of aerospace technology to wind-powered ships

japanese shipping company MOL joined a study to apply aerospace engineering technology to the design of wind-powered ships.

The company joined Tokai University and Akishima Laboratories in a study to optimize the hull shape of wind-powered ships, he said Thursday in a statement posted on his website.

Project news ISHIN vessel design can currently achieve GHG emissions savings of up to 5%but participants believe that this number can be increased up to 12% with the application of aerodynamic techniques from aerospace engineering.

“Dr. Kota Fukuda and his group have conducted fluid dynamics research on examining flow phenomena around rockets and aircraft, developing high-performance solar cars and unmanned solar aircraft, and application of their own simulation technology to the medical field,” the company said in the statement.

“Through this joint study, they will expand their research areas to ship engineering and ocean-going vessel development.”