Naval Community College gears up for second influx of Sailors, Marines and Coast Guardsmen


The Navy is preparing to launch the second round of the United States Naval Community College after concluding the first round in June.

The Pilot Program enables Sailors to earn an Associate Degree through online courses and offers concentrations in Military Studies, Cybersecurity and Network Administration, Nuclear Engineering Technology, Data Analysis, Organizational Leadership, Maritime Logistics, and Technology. maintenance training in four phases, with courses starting in January 2022.

The final phase is expected to begin in January 2023, and additional professional concentrations are underway for the 2024-2025 academic year.

In total, the second cycle of the pilot program is expected to enroll around 5,000 students from the Navy and Marine Corps, as well as 500 students from the Coast Guard, according to chief mass communication specialist Xander Gamble, spokesperson for the US Naval Community College.

“The USNCC offers sailors and enlisted Marines the opportunity to participate in world-class naval education programs,” said a new Naval Administrative Message. “No tuition, compulsory course fees, or other cost of course materials are incurred by participating students or orders from parents.”

The community college effort is independent of other Navy educational initiatives like tuition assistance – allowing Sailors to use those benefits for a bachelor’s or master’s degree, according to a US Naval Community College backgrounder. .

Stemming from the ‘Education for Seapower’ campaign of former Secretary of the Navy Richard Spencer in 2019, the community college aims to enhance the intellectual advancement of the Navy.

“Our mission requires leaders who possess the highest intellectual and combat capabilities in order to face the many dangers of a complex world,” Secretary of the Navy Carlos Del Toro said in his strategic directions to the Navy and the Corps. of the Marines this month. “The institutions of our naval education business will work together to develop leaders with the rigor of war, intellectual drive and innovative creativity to maintain a strategic advantage against global competitors and adversaries. “

As a result, the establishment of the US Naval Community College aligns with the overall Navy effort to establish a unique naval university system and could provide educational opportunities ranging from associate to graduate degrees.

“We will invest in the Naval War College, the Naval Postgraduate School and the Naval Academy, and we will build on the establishment of the US Naval Community College, to expand access to all personnel, ensuring that all Naval educational institutions offer world-class research programs. tailored and prioritized opportunities and partnerships to meet our most pressing combat demands, ”said Del Toro.

The US Naval Community College’s first pilot program launched in January 2021, and students could study nuclear, cybersecurity, data analysis, English, math, and naval ethics. Almost 600 students from the Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard participated in this first cycle of the pilot program until June 2021 and enter a “bridge” program as they “enroll in a degree seeking status with the institution where they were taking courses. with, ”Gamble told Navy Times.

The US Naval Community College continues to fund their education, and they are prioritized for their choice of degree program while the second pilot program is underway, he said.

During this time, students entering the pilot program’s second cycle will continue their classes without a break until they graduate with their associate degree, Gamble said.

Applications for the first phase of the second pilot program close on 31 October.