Navy “ignored complaints” about sailor filmed abusing 13-year-old girl

A sailor jailed for abusing a schoolgirl should have faced sexual plague charges ten years ago, it was claimed tonight.

Phil Mitchell, 32, pleaded guilty last month to sex offenses against a 13-year-old teenager in 2019.

The Leading Seaman, who filmed himself abusing her, was arrested at HMS Drake in Plymouth where he was working on the overhaul of destroyers.

Now several female sailors say they have complained about him to officers, but he has never been charged.

One said: “If the Navy had taken action rather than sweeping what Mitchell did under the rug, he might not have committed sex crimes.

“There has to be a full investigation into why Mitchell has been allowed to serve for so long. I also want to know why the complaints were effectively ignored.

The woman said she was first approached by Mitchell days after leaving HMS Raleigh training base.

She added: “I was only 18 at the time. He started out being friendly which got scary. He would make out one of the girls and tell them stuff like they should wear tighter clothes to show our body.

“He would ask about boyfriends and stand very close to you.” He would ask about your underwear, that sort of thing. It was very degrading.

“I didn’t even know what sexual harassment was back then. I just thought he was weird and scary. We complained and were told there was an investigation. He didn’t go anywhere.

The Navy said: “We can confirm that Philip Mitchell is no longer a member of the Royal Navy.”