Police will accuse Maltese of beating Somali and throwing him into the sea amid cheering crowd

Police will indict and bring to justice a man who allegedly beat a Somali man before throwing him into the sea in MÄ¡arr, Gozo, in front of a cheering crowd.

Sources told TVM that the man, a Maltese national, will be charged with the incident.

Lovin Malta had reported how a social media post claimed the fight broke out near a bar in Mgarr in Gozo, with a group of around 15 people allegedly attacking the individual.

“At one point a ‘hero’ decided to show what KING he was in front of a cheering crowd of 100, moved a trash can, moved a table and to the disgusting roar of the horde, he hit the guy from Somalia and threw him into the sea. At that point he hit his face with a boat, ”the person said.

“Not knowing if he could swim (could have drowned), he came away embarrassed and humiliated and once again tried to ask why they had treated him like a dog.”

Police were called to the scene and confirmed to Lovin Malta that they received the report around 1 a.m. and broke up an argument. However, their report dealt with a fight between two individuals, a Maltese and a foreign national, and made no reference to a group attack.

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