Queen is back with ‘real sparkle’ after Prince Philip’s death, expert says


THE Queen is back with “real sparkle” after the death of her beloved husband – after the couple made a secret promise to each other, according to royal experts.

The monarch mourned the death of Prince Philip at Windsor Castle in April, but resumed office weeks later.


The Queen was pictured beaming as she returned to her royal duties following the death of her beloved husbandCredit: Getty Images – Getty
And the experts say she


And experts say she “looks happy” again – and is back with “real glow”Credit: Getty

And since then, she has been photographed beaming at a number of high profile engagements, including welcoming US President Joe Biden and the First Lady to her home.

A source claimed the Queen and Philip had vowed to mourn – “but not too long” – and then enjoy life when one of the couples died.

Now, royal commentator Roya Nikkhah says Her Majesty “looks happy again”.

“Anyone who knows the Queen or works with the Queen knows that it would take a little while, but not a long time, to mourn her husband,” she told True Royalty TV’s The Royal Beat.

“What we really saw from June was that she was doing a lot of activities.

“She was at G7. She’s getting back to business with a real start, and she looks happy again.”

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In recent weeks, the 95-year-old has been seen frequently. She and her daughter Anne traveled to Scotland before returning in time for the Windsor Horse Show.

She toured the cobblestones of Coronation Street to meet with the cast earlier this month and donned a brooch donated by her late husband as she visited a £ 3.2bn warship.

And many who met her this summer were charmed by her smiles and quick-wittedness.

Sailors aboard the Navy’s flagship aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth – or “Big Lizzie” as the ship is affectionately known – said she was “talkative”.

Billie Matthews, Marine Engineering Technician (ETME), 22, from County Durham, told reporters: “It was awesome – she was very chatty, very smiley.”

Royal author Robert Jobson, who appeared on the show alongside Nikkhah, said he believed the monarch’s diary was being carefully managed.

“She looks happy, but there is an argument that they punctuate her engagements,” he said.


“She looks really, really great and dresses very brightly and brightly.”

Last week it was reported that the Queen’s courageous turnaround was due to a secret deal she had with her late husband when one of them died.

According to the Daily Mail, the couple promised that “whoever remains should mourn, but not too long, then enjoy what was left of their life.”

Meanwhile, royal editor and expert Camilla Tominey recently said the Queen couldn’t help but smile at the events because she “hated the lockdown”.

The monarch only resumed office in May when Covid restrictions were relaxed.

His first engagement in person was to lead the official opening of Parliament.

Writing for the Telegraph, Tominey said: “While it may only be 11 weeks since her beloved husband was laid to rest at Windsor Castle, I’m not surprised to see so many photos of our beaming Queen – notably the lifting of Covid restrictions means that she, like the rest of us, is now able to return to some semblance of normalcy.

“It’s no secret that the Queen hated the lockdown, which kept her from doing what she always considered the most essential part of her job: being seen to be believed.”

The monarch took to the set of Coronation Street to meet the cast and production staff


The monarch took to the set of Coronation Street to meet the cast and production staffCredit: Getty
And she charmed the sailors of HMS Queen Elizabeth in May


And she charmed the sailors of HMS Queen Elizabeth in MayCredit: PA
Sources claim that she and Philip had sworn to cry -


Sources claim that she and Philip had sworn to cry – “but not too long” – when one of them diedCredit: PA
The Queen visits Coronation Street and enters the Rovers Return