Record-breaking solo sailor Katie McCabie aims for the 2025 Mini Transat

Teenage solo cruiser Katie McCabe has set her sights on a transatlantic crossing in a 21ft racing boat.

The 14-year-old said: “After spending eight weeks aboard the lovely Falanda [Morgan Giles] As I completed my circumnavigation of Britain last summer, I fell in love with single-handed sailing, and the excitement and chaos that comes with it.

“So much so that I now plan to cross the Atlantic solo, but this time not on board Falandaand not so alone!

“The Mini Transat is a solo transatlantic race, which I hope to take part in in 2025.

“For the race, I will have to buy a Mini 6.50, a small 21-foot racing boat, smaller, lighter and faster than Falanda.

“The only problem is that Minis are in a very special class, so of course they are very expensive.”

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I had been living on a boat since I was two weeks old aboard Ros Ailither, a 50ft fishing trawler…


Ahead of her solo circumnavigation around Britain, Katie McCabe sailed solo on her newly restored classic yacht to the Isles of Scilly

With limited time until qualifying races, Katie launched a crowdfunding offer.

As of this writing, she has raised £1,765 against a target of £10,000.

Participants in the Mini Transat must complete 1,500 nm of class racing and a 1,000 nm solo qualification.

You can now make a donation to support her cause on Katie McCabe’s GoFundMe Mini Transat 2025 page.