Resolve Marine Announces Leadership Transition

Maritime salvage and emergency response company Resolve Marine announced Friday that it has appointed Joseph Farrell, III as assistant general manager, a transitional role to CEO.

Farrell has over two decades of field and business experience at Resolve Marine. After serving as a Naval Architect and Project Manager where he worked and led large-scale salvage projects around the world, he was appointed Director of Business Development with oversight of the Alaska and Compliance Divisions of company, shared resources (equipment, assets and response depots), marketing and communications, and Resolve Academy, the company’s firefighting and training division.

Farrell holds a BS in Marine Engineering from Massachusetts Maritime Academy, an MS in Ocean Engineering from Florida Institute of Technology, and an MBA from Cornell University.

Joe Farrell, Jr., Founder and CEO of Resolve Marine, said, “I am beyond thrilled to officially announce that my son Joe III will be transitioning to lead the organization I founded nearly 40 years ago. years. His in-depth knowledge of this business and his leadership skills have been proven time and time again, both ashore and ashore. We both take great pride in what workers around the world do every day at Resolve Marine, they are our greatest asset. Our future is in good hands as he moves on to lead the company.