Robert Allan, Svitzer and Sanmar shipyards announce new tug design


Image courtesy of Robert Allan Ltd.

Posted on December 21, 2021 at 8:55 AM by

The maritime executive

[By: Robert Allan]

The Canadian naval architecture firm Robert Allan Ltd. is pleased to announce a tugboat design agreement with global towing operator Svitzer. This new vessel incorporates several unique elements and combines them into a package that promises to be safer and more efficient.

Working under the direction of Svitzer’s Technical Innovation, Projects, and Marine Engineering and Operations teams, an extensive tank testing program was carried out at HSVA, Hamburg. Several iterations of the propulsion, appendages and towing arrangement configuration were tested in various operating scenarios and the final configuration was selected based on optimum performance, controllability and safety. CFD performance validation was performed by the hydrodynamics team at Robert Allan Ltd. and the results were corroborated with model testing.

Robert Allan Ltd. thanks Esben Grundtvig, Thomas Bangslund and Marijan Mustac for their dedication to the project and congratulates Svitzer for their commitment to a game-changing concept. The ability of Robert Allan Ltd. providing unique, flexible and innovative engineering solutions during the early design phases has been a key factor in developing a tugboat that is exclusively customized to Svitzer’s requirements.

The main tugboat builder, Sanmar Shipyards of Istanbul, Turkey, was selected for the construction, and the nature of such an advanced and contemporary project will undoubtedly present many challenges and opportunities during the construction process. Robert Allan Ltd., Svitzer and Sanmar have a proven history of cooperation on tugboat construction projects and this latest collaboration will only serve to strengthen this relationship. We all look forward to building, testing and operating this exciting new design.

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