Sail through the uncharted Arctic wilderness aboard a luxurious polar cruise ship

Traveling further north, the ship visits the Inuit village of Ittoqqortoormiit, which sits at the entrance to Scoresby Sound, the longest fjord on Earth. Weather permitting, passengers can be greeted on the ice by local mushers with their sleds and experience the most wonderful ride, pulled by ten exuberant dogs, through the brightly colored village. A highlight is a visit to the church, a small museum and a local tourist shop to pay homage to the indigenous inhabitants of one of the most remote communities on earth. For Captain Garcia, navigating on the solid pack ice at this time of year (end of May) and being able to reach the village by sled was a first. “That was the impression many ships of the original expedition must have had when they reached a point or a community. I think we had the same feeling as the first explorers.

A local musher with his sled and huskies

Studio PONANT – Morgane Monneret

Nicolas Dubreuil, Ponant’s polar expedition leader and recognized specialist in the polar regions, is currently doing an overview to see if it will be possible to allow passengers to spend more time outside the ship, where they could hiking and sleeping on the ice for two or three nights. “A ship, especially this one, is like a fortress, so it’s hard to feel the reality of where you are. It won’t be for everyone, but I’d like to get some people out of the ship so that they understand how strong nature is and how small they really are in this natural world.

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Even if you are bound for the Arctic, there is no need to pack heavy coats and boots as these are provided on board. Instead, our selection of equipment will have you cruising in style: