Sailboats Below Deck Recap: The First Annual Sailors Cup

There’s no doubt about it, Chef Marcos Spaziani is a champ. Throughout the season, he transformed meal after delicious meal. Never weakened. Never has a dish been returned by a single guest. (Outraged Erica Rose and her terrible husband, but we don’t count that.) He conquered seafood-paloozas, local Menorcan cuisine and even a ten-course meal of 80 individual plates. Not even her random drama with Gabriela Barragan earlier in the season rocked him. But now he has received devastating news from home. His best friend’s mother died of a sudden heart attack. And the tragedy shook him deeply.

But even with her inner world collapsing, Marcos knows he has a job to do. There’s no one else on this boat to take over if it goes down. So, after taking a few moments on the bow to collect himself, he returns to the kitchen to prepare dinner. It’s not the kind of resolution I’m sure I’d have if I found myself in the same situation, honestly. I don’t think I could do it. But Marcos will not be deterred. He won’t even accept Gary King and Colin Macrae offering their help. Instead, he throws a vacation-worthy seafood soiree on a five-star super yacht. And don’t even speak to his best friend until the champagne has been sipped and the diners have had their fill.

As the night progresses, the wind picks up. Like, we’re talking up to 11 knots. It’s just enough for the whole crew to start having flashbacks to the grounding. But this time Kelsie Gogliais quarter. The boat is therefore in relatively safer hands than last time. But when the wind is blowing at 30 knots and the anchor chain is stretched to its limit, Kelsie decides it’s time to wake up. Gary. The first mate stays awake the rest of the night to have two pairs of hands on deck in case of an emergency.

However, disaster does not strike until morning. After Garywent to bed and Barnabe Birkbecktakes his turn. At 9:15 a.m., as the guests settled in for breakfast, the anchor began to drag. Now it’s an emergency. Not because of Parsifal, but because of all the little boats around it. it’s time to wake up Captain Glenn Shephard, who decides to take the risk, start the engines and anchor. Guests, meanwhile, have nothing to do but sit and eat while the horizon revolves around them.

Now not only Captain Glenn trying to re-anchor in 30 to 40 knots of wind, but the problem is about to get infinitely worse. The anchor chains are tangled. No, wait, there’s a small chain by the way wrapped around one of the anchor chains. The chaos is happening so quickly that it’s hard to keep track of exactly what’s going on. You even need an alarm clock Gary jump in the bidding like Hake and Barnabas run furiously across the bridge. Somehow they work together to unravel it all. Captain Glenn manages to refloat the anchors and all is safe. But boy, was it stressful there for a minute.

Sailing Yacht Below Deck Season 3 Episode 15 Recap Sailors Cup Race

In an effort to lighten things up, the guests challenge the crew to compete in the first annual Sailors Cup. Sure, Ashley Martin immediately starts begging to participate. Like a nine year old kid. (Probably because she doesn’t want Scarlett Bentley have the chance to be part of the team with Gary?) In the end, however, everyone can play additionally Marcos, who is in the kitchen preparing dinner. The Seaman’s Cup consists of dividing into two teams (the Pirates against the Sailors) for a water relay race refereed by Captain Glenn and involving the sailboat’s mini water toys, paddle boards and a mad dash to the hot tub. In the end, the crew manages to win, even despite Ashley and Barnabas missing their round of the sailboat race. As Hake said, just because guests pay doesn’t mean they deserve to win.

Meanwhile, daisy kelliher makes a frustratingly serious oversight by forgetting to say Chef Marcos this Captain Glenn is supposed to dine with the guests. Right in the middle of him cooking an extremely ambitious meal based on molecular gastronomy. And he only did it for the eight guests, not the eight guests plus the captain. So now he must reconfigure his plan in order to get molecular gastronomy on every plate.

recap below deck of the sailing yacht season 3 episode 15 ashley marti slaps charter guests hurricanes

And somehow, Chef Marcos manages to do just that. By the time guests sit down for their meal, everything is ready. Each dish is somehow more impressive than the next. There is the Andalusian gazpacho with a “cherry tomato” made with red pepper ice cream. Balsamic pearls and burrata foam on a gelatine “tomato”. Prosciutto y melone, except the cantaloupe looks like caviar and the cucumbers are actually carpaccio. More chipotle “mousse” with scalloped potatoes and poached butternut squash. The guests are delighted and Chef Marcos has propelled himself to the level of a Sailboat under the bridge all star.

After dinner, the guests still want to party… with the crew. They bonded over the Seaman’s Cup and now they want to team up to give them Hurricanes. Which apparently involves taking a picture while someone throws down a glass of water and slaps you in the face. I’m sorry, how fun is that, exactly? Daisy, Scarlett, Ashley and Kelsie are all set to do so, however. It’s all for the tip, right? Although Ashley seems to be taking a little too much pleasure in having a guest slap her face. This truly connected palm…

Sailing Yacht Below Deck season 3 episode 15 recap chef marcos spaziani weeping daisy kelliher

The next morning is the day of departure. And frankly, it’s been an undramatic charter, other than Marcos‘ tragic news and Scarlett to be reprimanded for talking to Gary on the fly bridge the day before. The guests were delighted and left the biggest tip of the season: $23,000. It’s $2,555 per person. But the bad news is that the crew won’t be going ashore to spend it all. Because charter number 8 resumes the next morning. So instead, Captain Glenn arranged for a nice meal to be delivered to the boat.

After the tip meeting, Daisy drawn Ashley aside to berate Junior Stew for all the complaints she’s made this charter. Especially in front of the guests. One would think that at the end of the season, she will know better. But Ashley will always be Ashley. And when the meal begins, poor Marcos finally starts to crack. Daisy asks him to come for a cigarette break, which is just an excuse to give him a shoulder. And he actually opens up, admitting on the verge of tears that he feels like he’s finally starting to crack. Can he handle the season finale charter?


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