Sailor Freddie Mercury Cosplayer is buff and ready to make Queen Beryl bite the dust

Sailor Mercury meets Freddie Mercury in a short story Sailor Moon crossover cosplay.

The new Sailor Scout and rock legend jumpsuit comes from professional actor, model and cosplayer Alex Drastal. The costume combines Sailor Mercury’s light blue “seifuku” uniform with the late Queen singer’s mustache, physique, and overall attitude. Drastal unveiled the costume for “Sailor Freddie Mercury” at this year’s Anime Expo, held in Los Angeles, Calif., from July 1-4.

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You can find more Drastal cosplays on his Instagram page, where the talented cosplayer usually portrays more traditionally masculine and muscular characters, such as my hero academiais All Might and Fullmetal Alchemist‘s Fuhrer King Bradley, although Drastal also has an equally impressive take on Princess Leia’s famous metal bikini. Return of the Jedi. Drastal’s mash-up costume at Anime Expo has already won its fair share of fans, as the cosplayer shared fan art of the look on Twitter, which was originally created by artist @MahouKu.

Sailor Moon was originally created by manga artist and writer Naoko Takeuchi in 1991. The original anime adaptation of the series debuted in 1992 and is currently celebrating the 30th anniversary of its debut. The franchise is marking the occasion with a number of officially licensed collaborations, including a new UNIQLO apparel line and merchandise collection that sees the Sailor Guardians team up with Sanrio mascots. A 30th anniversary exhibition will also be held in Japan this year, which will feature new art from Takeuchi, production material from the multiple anime and live-action adaptations of the series, and other fun memorabilia from the long history of the shojo franchise. The exhibition will even give fans the opportunity to dine on exclusive dishes, Sailor Moon-inspired food.

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Fans looking for another original version of the character can also check out the new unofficial line from YAYA Toys. Pokemon and Sailor Moon crossover figures, which feature Psyduck cosplay like all inner Senshi. The 13cm figures are now available for pre-order, but are quite expensive at $94.99 each.

The regular Sailor Mercury will return in the franchise’s next entry, Sailor Moon Cosmosa duology of new animated films that will serve as the grand finale to the Sailor Moon Crystal restart the series. The films will adapt the Stars arc from Takeuchi’s original manga and will be directed by Gatchaman Crowds and kill her kill her episode director Tomoya Takahashi. The first film is due out in 2023.

Source: Twitter, Instagram