San Diego sailor to be honored in Rose Parade float – NBC 7 San Diego


Using flowers and other organic materials, Shantee Broussard put the finishing touches on her son’s portrait.

“Just bringing this paper, you know, into something that looks alive, it was a wonderful experience,” Shantee told NBC 7.

On Saturday, the face of his son Robby Barkdale will be among those lining the Donate Life Rose Parade float in Pasadena. California. The float is an annual tribute to those who have saved lives through organ donation.

“It was really cool,” said Robert Barksdale, Robby’s father. “They’ve been honoring him since around the end of September. So it was really cool.

Barksdale, 19, was on his way back to his Navy base when he was in a motorcycle accident in 2018

“I saw him that night,” Shantee said. “He gave me a big hug and told me how happy he was to make music, and he let me listen to the song, then hugged and kissed me, and I him. said, “Text me as soon as you get there.” ‘”

Robby suffered a fatal brain injury.

“So when they told me that, you know, he was just living on supporting the machines and once the machines were shut down he wouldn’t be with us anymore,” Shantee said. “We had to make the decision if we wanted him to donate [his organs]. “

With the help of Lifesharing, a San Diego-based nonprofit organization that coordinates organ donation, Robby was able to save five lives by donating his heart, kidneys, lungs, liver and of his pancreas.

“It makes us really happy that, you know, Robby continues to save people even after, you know, he’s passed away,” said Robert. “He still is, you know – his life goes on. “

The Barksdale family turned their loss into hope for others.

The Donate Life 2022 Rose Parade float is called Courage to Hope and celebrates the courage of organ donors and their families.