Sea Machines Hires Trevor Vieweg for New Technical Director Position


Boston-based Sea Machines Robotics, developer of autonomous command and control systems for commercial vessels, announced Monday it has hired Trevor Vieweg as Chief Technology Officer (CTO), reporting to the company’s CEO Michael G. Johnson. Effective earlier this month, this new role puts Vieweg in charge of the company’s overall technology strategy, as well as the further development of a high-performing team focused on the development of advanced marine technologies. Vieweg will also work closely with leading regulators to help shape the evolving industry rules and governance surrounding advanced marine autonomous and perception technologies.

Vieweg joins Sea Machines from Viasat, a provider of satellite broadband services and secure network systems covering the military and commercial markets. Having supported Viasat for over a decade, he most recently served as Head of Product Development, overseeing the technology teams focused on Viasat’s high growth mobility business.

“Trevor is a proven technology leader with a wealth of experience and a passion for bringing cutting-edge solutions to new and underserved markets,” said Johnson. “Under his leadership, Sea Machines will leverage our past performance, as well as our legacy of technological excellence, to meet the demands of our industries head-on. The relationships he cultivates now will continue to advance not only our business, but our industry as a whole, accelerating the adoption of technologies that drive major retooling of maritime industries to operate with connectivity, productivity and security. much larger. We welcome Trevor and look forward to his impact on our business and industries. “

“While Sea Machines serves the marine and marine industries, we are fundamentally a high technology company,” Vieweg said. “I am delighted to be working with our incredibly skilled team to bring truly revolutionary solutions to our customers and realize the potential of this technology in our market. “

Vieweg has held several technological and product leadership positions at Viasat and at Nordson Asymtek, a supplier of automated fluid delivery systems. He holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Cornell University and an MS in Enterprise Architecture from UC San Diego.