Ship aground on the high seas off the coast of Lakshadweep towed to port; passengers, crew safe: The Tribune India


Kavaratti, December 2

A ship with 322 passengers and 85 crew that ran aground off the coast of Lakshadweep a day ago has been towed safely by a coast guard vessel to Androth Island and got there Thursday morning.

The ship’s social worker – MV Kavaratti – told PTI all passengers were safe and those on their way to Androth were disembarked there.

The remaining passengers, who were heading to other islands in the archipelago, would be transferred to the MV Corals which would take them to their respective destinations, the social worker – Sharshad – said.

One of the passengers – Sameer Babu – who resides in Androth, told PTI that there was no downstream support – like food and water – from the Lakshadweep administration or from the mainland while the ship was stranded on the high seas for more than six hours on Wednesday.

Babu, who was returning to the ship from Kochi, said it was the ship’s crew who looked after passenger needs like food and water and “these are our real heroes.”

The liner ran aground on the high seas about 16 nautical miles from Kavaratti on Wednesday after a fire broke out in its engine room and the engine had to be shut down afterwards after extinguishing the flames, sources said.

The ship was en route to Androth from Kavaratti, where it had arrived from Kochi with more than 600 passengers on Monday when the incident occurred, sources said.

On Thursday morning, the grounded vessel was towed to port by the coastguard vessel Samarth. PTI