Southwestern Missouri family caught on a fiery cruise ship in the Caribbean Sea shares their story

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) – A family from Everton, Mo., were among those aboard this carnival cruise ship that caught fire in Grand Turk last week.

Ashley Tracy was enjoying the morning on deck when her husband noticed those flames. When they first saw the smoke, they didn’t think about it. That changed when they saw the fire.

“There were flames about 20 feet coming out the side of it, and that’s what he told the attendant, who in turn called 911 on the ship,” Tracy says.

At first, Tracy says she didn’t fully understand what was going on. Then she took action.

“Oh my God, we have to take care of the kids because they were still sleeping in their rooms trying to get them off the boat if this were to spread,” Tracy says.

Tracy then woke up her daughter, Madie Hays, who was lucky they had already arrived in the port of Grand Turk when the fire broke out.

“I was grabbing passports, ID cards, whatever is important,” Hays says. “I was like, oh my God, the ship is on fire, so we have to take it all in and go. I was grabbing life jackets, grabbing my brother and his girlfriend and everything.

Once the shock passed, the family enjoyed the rest of their vacation.

“My mom was just kind of like putting on your bathing suits. It’s gonna be okay, so I’m like, okay, cool,” Hays says.

Because of the fire, they spent two extra days snorkeling and relaxing in Grand Turk.

Hays says Carnival handled the situation very well.

“They let us know there’s free Wi-Fi, reach out to all family members, so they don’t panic and worry about you,” Hays says. “They offered to reimburse us for flights, any hotels we might have missed on the way back to Florida. It was just a really smooth process. They were really good at it all. The crew was amazing.

There was also a learning lesson from this experience.

“I would definitely say keep all of your important documents in one place that you can grab in case of an emergency,” Tracy says.

Despite this unexpected twist to the trip, the family say it was one of their best vacations.

No one was injured in the fire.

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