SPC ‘concerned’ by cumulative effect of Irish Sea wind farms

Ferry operator says new developments could lead to more canceled crossings

The Steam Packet Company says it is concerned about the cumulative effect of wind farms in the Irish Sea.

It comes as the public in Manx seeks comment on the Morecambe and Morgan wind farm proposals, which could impact the ferry operator’s Liverpool route.

The public operator insists it is not opposed to offshore wind farms, but is concerned about the impact on ‘vital routes’ serving the Isle of Man.

The Steam Packet says its concerns include the navigational safety of ships when navigating the corridors of wind farms.

He adds that a lack of open seas for sailing in bad weather is likely to increase the risk of cancellation, affecting passengers, carriers and the entire population of the island due to delays in the delivery of goods.

The operator also points to the impact on the environment, stating that having to travel the extra distance to avoid wind farms will mean more fuel is used, increasing CO2 emissions.

The Steam Packet has confirmed that it is in active consultation with various project developers.

An event is being held at Douglas City Hall until 7 p.m. for those interested in learning more about the plans.

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